Tales of Roelum Episode 45

Episode 45




“What’s Tamorrah?” Victor asks after he sees the men’s spirit drop after hearing me say the word.


Akka sighs and tries to talk, Ladda cuts him short.. “Let me, I love telling the story.”


“It was in the deep woods, we were trapped because of the ambush your people and the Varcasians union in trying to win the battle with Roelum, there we were, trapped in this cave, with no choice but to either surrender or die if we came out of the cave as we would have been outnumbered with little or no chance of survival. Akka doesn’t seem like the type but he is loyal to the core, he gave this speech; heart warming and motivational about how we would die together and we should brave ourselves for death in Glory.”


The men chuckle while Akka rolls his eyes at Ladda.


“Just when we were about to fight to our deaths, our general stopped us and talked about how the streams led to the Tamorrah river. We all thought she was joking at first but we spent an entire night digging our way through, at a point I thought she had gone mad but you see, She always reads the maps of potential war zones and so she knows everything that has to do with the place including the history, maniac! That’s what I call her, we were able to escape through the river but we were so tired that for three days we slept.” Ladda shudders.


“I really don’t want to have to go through that again.” Emer laments.


“And we won’t have to…” This isn’t like Tamorrah, there are secret entrances all through this place, it was where the ancient palace was situated before it moved and one thing about palaces is their love for secret entrances.” I move to a particular side blocked by a boulder that seemed to be manually fixed.


“What do you think lies beyond this boulder? It doesn’t look like it is supposed to be placed there, right?” I ask

“I don’t know, it just looks like a normal rock to me.” Roark groans as he wakes up fully or tries to.

“Of course, you’d think so blockhead’ Shem chastises him.

“If we can somehow find a way to move this, we might not have to do another Tamorrah.” Paula tries to move it.

“If it’s from a long time ago, there has to be some sort of device that’ll trigger it’s movement.” Akka checks out the boulder.

We all scatter to search for hints or triggers that can propel the boulder’s movement. After searching for a while…

“What if it can only be opened from the other side?” I think out loud.

“Then we are screwed, they are almost in here, we don’t have the time to dig our way out.” Emer grunts.

“You always have a plan, right?” Roark asks me and I nod solemnly.

“Phewww she has a plan” Akka sighs.


“Of course, she does….” Shem confidently says.


“I don’t know, still thinking.” I say and there is a stunned silence.

“We have nothing to lose, what are you thinking?” Akka asks me.


“Ladda, do you have anything that can make the boulder implode instead of explode.” I ask.


“I have just about anything, there’s this formula I’ve been working on, there is no better time to test it.” He brings out some bottles with suspicious liquid from his bag and all of us subconsciously gives him more space.


“Okay, here goes nothing.” He pours the liquid and lights it up on the boulder and for a second, nothing happens, then the boulder dissolves quietly, I consider this a marvel. He surprises me everytime.


Shem hugs Ladda tight. “You are a genius.”

“Who is going through first?” Roark asks and everyone is quiet again.

“I brought the idea, Ladda dissolved the Boulder, good job by the way, Paula stays with me and so it’s between the rest of you men!” I grin sweetly at them.

Shem shudders and suggests a game of rock, papers and scissors.

“Are we children?” Roark scoffs.

“Says the guy who forgot his mask, I don’t think you have a say on maturity.” Ladda pokes fun at him.

They play the game and Shem loses, he goes through the space where the boulder used to be.

“There’s nothing really here, it’s like a tunnel; it stinks of history and it is really dark, it’s safe so far.” Shem says to us from inside.

“If I were a lady, I would have thrown myself at you.” Akka grins at Ladda in gratitude.


“It’s okay, I can play with balls too.” Ladda smirks.


Akka frowns;”Not on your life wizard.” He follows Shem.


I pat Ladda… “I never lost faith in you.” He clicks his tongue at me.


We all cross to the other side, it’s dark at first, then we heard music, we followed the sounds and I’m amazed at where we come out.


“Why on earth is there a secret entrance from the pallaire to the house of Ini?” Emek asks.