Tales of Roelum Episode 47

Episode 47




I pace around the room, I don’t know how many times I’ve ruffled my hair, Akka has tried many times to make me relax but it’s not working. It’s been three days and Salem is nowhere to be found.


She just disappeared, no trace… Nobody saw her leave the Pallaire, but she is not inside so what on earth is going on.


“Emek and Emer are out there searching for her, they are the best scouts out there, they will find her, you shouldn’t panic right now, we need to find a way to solve this problem. It’s no longer a tease, this is war and we need a way to win because as it is, they are winning the battle.” Akka says with a sigh.


“How come none of you know where she went to when you separated?” I ask again.


“She’s the general, if she says separate, we separate; I think she had an idea who the spy was and wanted to confirm, she had Paula with her so she was safe. The fact that she is not back could mean she is either captured on purpose or she’s really captured. Whatever it is, I assure you, she’s still alive.” Akka tries to comfort me.


“You are right, I can’t just sit here.” I walk out of the chambers, Akka doesn’t stop me, I walk straight for the main palace.


The royal guards stop me from entering my father’s palace.


“You don’t want to dare me right now!” I glare at them.


“Your highness, the King has declared that he is not to be disturbed. I’m sorry I can’t let you in.” A guard says with his head bowed.


I’m about to push my way through when the guards are hit and taken care of by Victor. I look at him in surprise.


“I’m your guard.” He looks different, ruffled somehow.


“I thought you served the crown, why would you go against the King?” I ask.


“You told me to choose a side, I choose you. Weren’t you about to see your father?” He tries to change the subject, I nod and go in uninterrupted.


I see my father writing with his glasses looking unbothered and that infuriates me further but I hold my temper and put on a brave face.


“Father…” I say.


“Son…” He replies and looks at me.


“To what do I owe this unexpected visit?” He smirks at me.


“You know exactly why I’m here.” I say with a straight face.


He sighs and drops his pen. “What do you want from me?”


“You are King, are you not?” I sit and look at him.


“Last I checked, if you think that I can just wave my hands and conjure a solution or worse still tell the House of Cads to release Salem and they’d listen especially when you don’t have proof that they have her. There is no way that you are that stupid.” He goes back to writing again. I know he is trying to provoke me into losing my temper.


“I might be naive but I am not stupid. Give me some of your men.” I say and he pauses and looks at me in surprise again.


He chuckles. “What do you intend to do with them?”


“Go after the Cads, they are a threat to the empire, are they not? You get something in return if I succeed.” I reply.


He nods his head. “That is a big IF…, I am not going to lose another son, if Salem couldn’t get rid of them, what makes you think you can?”


“We can only know that if I at least try. They have my wife, that makes her family, your family. Surely, I know you don’t care about her but what about your pride as King, are you just going to sit there and just watch the kingdom fall apart? That will happen especially if you keep on doing nothing.” I run my hand through my hair.


“Good job keeping your anger in check, you are learning after all.” He takes a paper and writes something, uses the royal seal on it and gives it to me.


“Don’t disappoint me son, you have this chance to prove yourself. Take that to the edge of Osun ridge, give that to the fisherman, follow him… There you will find my special soldiers, I was going to use them against Roelum but the war ended, they must be thirsty for blood. Use them wisely and well.” He goes back to writing.


I don’t say anything to him but I go back to my chambers and meet the night guards.


I see Emek and Emer and I feel hope light up inside me.


“Tell me you know where she is.” I say to them.


“Not exactly but we were able to trace a suspicious carriage, it went out of town same time Salem went missing, it’s the best lead we have. It headed south, we came here so we can go after them together.


“I need to go to the Osun ridge, my father has secret soldiers there, from what you said, we will need the back up.” I say to them, Akka nods and the men follow.


We set for Osun ridge, the fisherman allowed just I and Victor across the river, my father has his faults but he would not let a bunch of people take the throne from him without a fight, I guess these men would be loyal to him unlike the men at court and the soldiers, he needed this as a last resort I analyze this fact in my head. I can’t understand why he would show his last card now, and for Salem.


We get to the other side, the fisherman leads me through a narrow road, before I can blink, Victor pushes me down as an arrow flies past our heads, the fisherman sighs.


“It’s just me, he has Rale’s seal, it can’t be forged.” He screams to the empty space or so I thought.


The trees part and we follow the road until we get to what looks like a military barracks. I find it amazing that a place this week can be hidden.


A masked man comes out and collects the paper my father gave me, he reads through it and removes his mask, he has a scar on his nose which makes him look intimidating, then he grins and he transforms into a young boy.


“Finally, something to do. I was getting bored in here.” He whistles and about fifteen men come out without their mask.


They are lean and look mostly between their late teens and early twenties. The way they move indicate that they are highly trained, which means they must be trained since they were children.


“Get ready boys, we are going to party” the scarred boy says with a smile, the men go back in, I think to get ready.


“I am Aster, Captain of the skolls.” He holds out his hand and I shake it.


“You look nothing like your father, nothing at all.” His eyes gets icy at me.


“Thank you, I will take that as a compliment, it’s the cheekbones.” I say to him.


He glares for a second and he smiles again. “A man with a sense of humour, I like.”


He goes back in.


“How many moods can one man have in a minute?” I say out loud.


“I’m still stuck at him calling himself Captain of the Skolls.” Victor mutters.


I sigh and I hope that I can get to Salem in time.




Ayo punches me again and I hear Paula cuss at her in what I’m guessing is Rabian language.


“You just keep hitting me, no questions…. If you are going to torture someone, you should have a reason.” I say to Ayo.


She looks at me in and I imagine what a sight I must make.


“There is no use being stubborn, you know exactly what I want. Seeing as no matter what I do to you, you don’t care, how about I bring your maid here, some of my men would love to have a piece of her, and I make you watch? That seems like a good idea, don’t you think?”


I glare at her; “I am going to do enjoy killing you.”