Tales of Roelum Episode 48

Episode 48


I have been in the dark room for days; I’m guessing three days since I can’t tell time. Ayo is good with her torture techniques, keeping me in a room filled with darkness and absolute silence that I can hear my heart beat. This can drive just about anyone crazy but I trained under these circumstances, she is cocky for a good reason but she makes the common mistake of underestimating me. The door opens and I wince at the sudden light. Ayo catwalks into the room with a smirk and I imagine what I look like.

“Beg for mercy, who knows, I might consider it.” She tucks a piece of my hair backwards.

I grin at her as I murmur, she frowns as she comes closer to hear me, I do the same until she’s within range then I hit her with my head, she growls in anger and punches me.

“I will break you, even if it is the last thing I do.” She sits back down and I see her trying to calm herself down.

“You really shouldn’t be so uncooperative, I could kill you whenever I wanted, don’t you forget.” She arrogantly crosses her legs.

I sigh and roll my eyes.

“I will give it to you, you have quite the endurance, but I wonder how much you can take when you have watch me destroy the legs of someone you really care about for some reasons I do not understand.” She signals the guard and they drag Paula into the room, she looks battered, I look to see if any of her vital parts have been compromised, I see she is relatively alright and I relax.

Paula glares at her, Ayo slaps her in annoyance. The guards hold her down while Ayo brings out her sword and points it at Paul’s legs.

“What exactly do you want?” I ask as if defeated.

“Work for us, we do not have legitimate right to the throne but Prince Erin does, if you work for us, he can seat on the throne. It is a win-win scenario.”

“So you want a puppet, don’t you have Samael, he looks like the puppety type, he’ll suit the role fine, so why not him?” I say out of curiosity.

“I can’t be Queen, to sit all day while being waited on, it will bore me to death.” She says with a grin.

“You expect me to believe that you don’t want to be Queen?” I scoff.

“Please don’t play games with me. What exactly do you need from me? You don’t have the capacity for mercy, you might be a great actress but you can’t feign the soulless eyes. You want to see the entire royal family burn to the ground, even if I agree to work with you, you’ll just use me, then kill me when you are done.” I sit upright.

“You have trust issues, I can understand that, let’s be honest, Monarchy is outdated and it gives people way too much power and control, is it not better it is abolished? What if we work together, we can get rid of the royal family, you would not have to worry about Queen Nuke and you and your Prince would be free to travel the world and live the kind of lives that you dream of.” She tries again.

I burst out laughing: “What are you doing? There is no such thing as absolute power, even the King is subject to his ministers and people, the problem is not with Monarchy, it is with people. Look at you, you are a product of a vicious cycle, I don’t really believe what they say about you, you seem like someone that has tasted power, probably a princess or a chief’s daughter and you had to watch your home burn to the ground because of a war that King Mona won, which propelled your revenge and when you do succeed in your revenge, some other kid will grow up to take his or her revenge on you. That is the beauty of violence, it rows and rows over until everything is consumed. Haven’t you heard? All is fair in love and war. Don’t pretend to do this for anyone except for yourself, own it.”

Her face changes into one of scorn. “You don’t know anything about me, you know what I think of you?”

“No, not really and I am not interested in finding out.” I groan.

“You like the blood, you like killing, you don’t do this for the country or your people, you do this because you cannot do anything else, you like the feel of your blade on someone’s throat, your people call you a hero, my people think you are some sort of god, Rale men think you are a monster but I know that you are just someone who is broken, a psychopath who simply loves to kill.” She retorts.

I giggle; “No, no…. I’m not a psychopath but I know someone who comes pretty close.”

She frowns her face.

“Seriously, how long do you need?” I sigh out loud.

Ayo blinks in confusion, “What?”

“I’m not talking to you.” I wink.

Paula stands all of a sudden and breaks the neck of the guard holding her hands, she is fast enough as she breaks the other three necks in quick succession. I use the pin I got from Ayo’s cloth from when I hit her with my head to loosen my chains, I succeed to see Ayo looking at us in confusion.

Paula drags her by the hair.

“Wait, not yet… she is still Samael’s wife.” I say and take Ayo from her.

“Why can’t I feel my legs?” She groans.

I look at Paula as if to ask if she did anything to her, she shakes her head, the door opens to Elena leaning on the wall, Paula growls to attack her and I pull her back.

“You need my help to leave this place, I have decided to offer my help.” She winks.

“Why should we trust you?” Paula frowns at her.

She takes a look at the dead bodies and shakes her head. “Sure, you are good at fighting but do you really think that you can leave this place by just killing your way through? Trust? No, don’t trust me but what other choice do you really have?”

“Whatever our choice would be, it does not include you stabbing our backs the moment you have the chance.” Paula adjusts her clothes and picks out weapon from the dead men.

“Hmmmmmm…. Okay then, since you would rather take your chance alone.” She pretends to walk away.

“After poisoning Ayo, you think she will let you go like that? Why are you doing this?” I ask.

“I think it’d be fun hanging out with you more, no no… I have no biological connection to her, we just use each other at different times, she is very intense, I don’t know if you have noticed.” She flinches.

“Yeah, she is…. The moment you betray us, I will let Paula kill you in the most painful way she knows.” I sigh as I pick up a weapon.

Elena smiles at me… “I knew you’d see reason” she winks and gestures at me to follow.

We follow her through a narrow path, I see that most of the guards are out, probably affected by the same poison Elena used, she smiles proud of herself.

“I have learnt a lot knowing you….. what do you think about my work?” She asks earnestly.

“Are they dead?” I ask.

“No, just paralyzed, they are aware of what is happening but completely helpless.” She jumps in glee, Paula frowns at her and whispers to me.

“When you told Ayo that you knew a psychopath, you meant her and not me, right?” she asks.

I chuckle and pat her head. “Sure” I respond dryly.

“Now see, I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or serious.” Paula whines.

“I put the poison in their food, it was so easy…..” Elena tells me.

“Where did you get the poison?” Paula asks her.

“Ladda is quite cute..” She winks.

“That idiot…” I and Paula mutter together.

We freeze when we see some assassins coming to us.

“Oh….. I guess not everyone ate last night, these ones are on you guys.” She moves backwards until she is behind me, Paula brings out the sword and the knife with her, I crack my neck.

“I was having a bad day, I think it is about to get better..” Paula charges forward as someone shoots an arrow at her.