Tales of Roelum Episode 56

Episode 56

Prince Erin

I remember to lock the door as I pick her up and kiss her hard on the wall, I exchange places with her that she is up against the wall, I rip her undergarments off as she grunts, she rips my trousers, and finds what she is looking for, I look into her eyes as I enter her, we both gasp in relief and pleasure. She locks her hands round my neck and I push into her, faster and rougher. Her sighs and moans make me go crazy as I kiss her again.

She rides me hard and fast; I am lost in pleasure and her warmth; he holds me tight as she cums and I follow soon after. We take a breather.

“Well…. Absence does make the heart go fonder” Salem says with a husky voice.

“I miss you too.” I say to her as I kiss her slowly, I carry her to the bed as I kiss her neck, I fondle her breasts slowly and I take a nipple in my mouth and suckle hard and when I hear her sigh I gently bite on the peak, she groans and flip us.

“There is something I have always wanted to try.” She whispers in my ears.
She kisses me lower, and lower until she takes me in her mouth, I moan out loud. She takes me in slowly at first as if she is trying to taste me, she swallows me and…. I lost my train of thought at this point and I growl out loud, I had no idea that such a sound could come from me. My legs go weak as I look at her in wonder.

“A..Are you sure this is your first time?” I say out of breath.

“Elena can be quite the chatterbox and I know what men like, when the men think I’m not listening, they provide quite the information on the male genitals.” She smirks and takes me into her.

She rides me and more through the night. We finally sleep sometime early in the morning with her on my chest, I feel at peace at that moment. I wish we can stay frozen in this moment, no worries, no war, just us content and at peace.

I wake in the morning to see Salem staring at me, dressed and with a smile.

“Noooo… come back to bed.” I whine.

“Wake up, we have a long day ahead and I have to give you the heads up regarding my family so you are prepared.” She says with a serious face and I sit.

“I am not what you will call the beloved of the family, my father practically sent me away because he was threatened by me and my reach in the army. The Queen is not as bad as yours but she can give her a run for her money. I have three other half sisters, Christiana can be a bitch but she has a good heart, but a bitch nonetheless. Ladia and Salma are spoilt but harmless overall, the problem is Christiana’s husband May, he is cunning and very good at appearances. He can put up a smile while killing you from behind, he thinks he has it all sorted out, my father listens to him because he is a known archer and a good orator.” She raises her brow.

“Focus, why are you staring at me like that?” She asks.

“How do you mean?” I smile mischievously as I play with the rope holding her top together, she slaps my hand away.

“I am serious Erin, It has been so long I left Roelum so it might be more dangerous than it used to be especially if it is true that my father doesn’t hold the power anymore.” She scolds me.

“I know, I know and I am listening, but you do know that I can do more than one thing at once.” I flirt with her as I kiss her neck, she sighs deeply and my stomach rumbles in satisfaction.

“You are hungry.” She laughs.

“Hungry for you.” I say and she laughs harder.

“Oh my God, hanging out with Akka is a terrible idea for you. What happened to your sense of propriety?” She pushes me away and I drag her back.

I play with a lock of her hair. “Do you know what I have learnt these past few months?”

“What?” she holds my hand in hers.

“There will always be trouble, every moment counts because you don’t know what tomorrow might bring. When you were kidnapped, I found myself wishing I said all the things I wanted to say to you, that I didn’t hold back, what if you died without you knowing how much you mean to me? My heart ached so much not knowing if you were okay, if you slept well, if you had eaten, what if you were injured? I had so many questions and no answers. I swore to myself that if I ever found you, I would never let you go. I don’t care if we are in Rale or Roelum, I will be okay as long as I am with you. I know you are worried that you might have to choose a side between me and Roelum, you never have to worry because I will always choose you.” I kiss her softly and I swear I could see her eyes soften.

“Thank you for that, really… Thank you.” She says as she hugs me tight.

“You are a prince of Rale; the royal family is in shambles… As much as I want you by my side, you have your people too. They are my people since they are yours, whatever the problem is, we will face them together. Rale or Roelum, it doesn’t matter, together we will conquer or fall together.” She kisses my forehead with a wry smile.

“Go have your bath and meet us downstairs before Paula comes into the room, she really is very impatient.” She chuckles and leaves the room.
I go down to meet them at the same table we were the night before.

“Finally, Princess, it took you long enough.” Akka rolls his eyes at me.

“You know how much I need my beauty sleep.” I retort.

They laugh at me; I see that the men have accepted me as part of them and it gives me a sense of belonging. I don’t even feel the same way in my palace.

We ride to the palace and we are stopped by a guard who recognizes Paula, he shakes a little and I wonder what Paula must have done to the poor guy.

“Y..You can’t come into the Palace right now without the King’s seal.” He says while trying to put a bold facade. Other guards stand behind him ready to attack us if we refuse.
Paula comes down from her horse and walks slowly towards him, he walks back from her slowly and so do the other Palace guards.

“Would you care to repeat that again?” Paula taunts him.

“It is a royal decree; we were told not to let anyone in without the seal.” He answers her.
Salem sighs and brings out a piece of paper which she hands over to the guard.

“Is that enough?” she asks him.

He takes a look at it and nods. “You are the only one that can go into the palace then.”

“Are you sure? Are you really sure that is what you want?” Paula asks.

“L..Look I don’t mean any disrespect but times have changed, if I let you in the gate, it will be my head on the line, I Just got married, it is too early to make my wife a widow.” He tries to appeal to Paula.
Paula looks at Salem for a sign.

“I came with my husband, is it okay if I go inside with him, he is a Prince of Rale, I am sure you don’t want to cause any kind of enmity with the same people we just had a Peace treaty with?” Salem threatens.

“You can go with the prince, that is the best I can do.” He says with a tone of finality and Paula stabs his leg with her knife.
He groans out loud in pain, Salem palms her forehead and gives the go ahead for her men to attack.

“Don’t kill them, just maim enough to avoid further problems. Wear our emblem, we are the night guards, I don’t care how long it has been, that has to count for something.” She orders.

The men prepare to attack but an elegant woman calls from inside the gate.

“Let them in.” She orders.
Salem and the lady stare at each other.

“You still solve everything with violence, I see not much has changed Salem.” She tells her with a straight face.

“Christiana, is it just me or you look like you have put on a bit of weight?” Salem tells her with a smirk and she glowers at her.

“You will respect me, Salem” She fumes.

“My answer to that remains unchanged, you have to earn it.” Salem comes down from her horse.

“I heard that your husband has been a bad boy.” Salem says with a smirk.

“You should mind the way you talk to me. How is it that you have learnt nothing?” She leads the way while we follow, it is strange that they say harsh words to each other but there is no aggression in the air.

“You know how it is with me, I only take the lessons I see fit.” Salem lifts her brow as she turns around to look at me.

“He is quite handsome, I hoped he’d be ugly.” She says while assessing me with a look.

“Well, we can’t all live up to May, or live down to him.” Salem says and Akka chuckles which earns a glare from Christiana.

We enter the room to see a middle-aged man on the throne, he doesn’t look sick, he looks very healthy.

“I have never been happier to see you.” He says to Salem.

“Hello, Father.”