Tales of Roelum Episode 58

Episode 58

There is a stunned silence in the room, May laughs out loud like it is an absurd thing to say.
“You have really lost your marbles. You don’t have any power here anymore; your word means nothing to these people.” May grins at me.

“Dear sister-in-law, you have been away for some time, let me enlighten you or you can just read the room.” He laughs at his joke.

“Why do you care anyway, they treated you like the worst of the earth, you just have to go on your way and there’ll be no bloodbath.” May patronizes me.

“Since we are here already, we can start with your blood.” Akka slowly walks into the room with the men pointing their weapons at May’s men.

I sigh out loud. “What is your plan? How are you going to deal with Varcasa, you are just a business man, Shrewd but you have no experience fighting, you need to see beyond  your greed, do we have to fight each other when there is a bigger enemy out there? Are you that small minded?” I growl at him in frustration.

He smiles mischievously, “Let’s just say if everyone does as I say, everything will be fine.”

“You made an alliance with them; you are their spy and that is how they know to attack Roelum at its weakest.” Erin says in astonishment.

I laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, “You don’t want the throne, you just want the royal mines, this is why you married my sister, this has been your game plan all along, you money grubbing scum!”

“Language, that is not befitting for a princess or a Queen to be. I love your sister though, she is more than just a convenience, I love her… more than you ever would.” He says seriously.

“I don’t think you know the meaning of love and do you really think Varcasa would invade here and fulfil their part of the agreement with you? There is no way you are that stupid.” Akka shakes his head.

“He is that stupid” I say and chuckle.

“You…. Enough!!! My hand is beginning to hurt.” May says.

“Yes, enough is enough!” Christiana comes in and takes a glance at the whole room and wistfully smiles.

“When will it ever be enough, I forgave you for what you did to my father in the hopes that maybe, just maybe you might be a better king, I deluded myself. Is this all I am worth to you dear husband? If you had told me, you wanted a part of the mine, I would have happily given you mine, you did not have to go through all this. I kept making excuses for you and you keep letting me down. I cannot even look at my half sister in the face because of how embarrassed I am of you, please stop! I beg you, stop!” Christiana pleads with her husband and it makes me uncomfortable because I have never seen her vulnerable or beg for anything in her life.

“Tiana darling, just wait a little bit, it will all be better soon.” May looks conflicted then he looks at me and I see determination.

“You won’t stop, would you?” Christiana whispers loudly as if resigned.

She walks close to him; he wavers and takes her in his arms.

“I know this is hard, but I am doing this for us.” He pats her head as the rest of us watch uncomfortably.

Paula gets closer to me.

“This is turning to one of those plays that never ends well, I think your sister will do something…” Before Paula can finish talking, Christiana stabs her husband in the stomach, he pushes her away and looks at her in shock, I realize what she is about to, I run to stop her but before I reach her, she holds the knife to her throat.

“Don’t you come any closer.” She warns.

“T..Tiana, stop.” May groans as he holds his stomach.

“No, you stop! I begged you! You did this to me, to our family. You and your greed, this is how we can atone for our sins. Don’t you see? You have given me no other choice.” Christiana sobs.

“Tiana, don’t do this, think about your children, your mother… Think about me.” My father pleads when he realizes what is happening.

“Salem, I know we have not be on good terms but there is no one I trust more to take care of my children. Salma and Ladia are a bit too spoiled to know how to raise children. Please.” She begs me and her request trumps me harder than my father telling me to be Queen.

“This is a colossal mess.” I sigh and Erin tries to come closer to me.

“No sister, I won’t let you die that easily.” I signal Paula, she swiftly takes the knife from her and knocks her out.

I look at May. “Was it worth it?”

He scoffs and limps to a chair, his men look unsure about what to do.

“It doesn’t matter, it is too late to turn back now. I can’t believe she stabbed me; it hurts.” May coughs out blood.

“Well, that’s what happens when something sharp takes you by surprise. You can survive this, with the proper medical help. Christiana is no warrior, she doesn’t know the right place to strike, but I do.” I sit beside him, Paula hands me the knife.

“Do you want to live?” I ask him.

“Will you let me live?” He asks back.

“No… not even for Christiana.” I say solemnly.

“Why ask?” He coughs out more blood and Christiana opens her eyes and looks at him.

“I can’t even succeed at this one thing.” Her hair falls to her shoulder as Paula helps her up.

“I am sorry Tiana, I was too blind to see… to see that you were enough for me.” May groans.

“It’s not too late, I’ll get the healers, we can be banished and live our lives away from the court and everything.” Christiana pleads, she rushes to hold him but I slit his throat before she reaches him which earns a loud cry from Christian.

“You are a monster!” She tries to hit me: Paula holds her back.

“What? I only finished what you started. If you want to die with him, do it at your own time.” Paula takes her away from the room, Shem helps my father own of the throne room and I look at May’s men, I recognize some of the older men.
“What are we going to do about you?” I ask and the men raise their weapon which makes me raise a brow.
“Okay then, a fight… I can respect that.” I hold the knife tighter.
“Wait… please wait.” One of the older men say.
“Like you said, it is pointless if we fight each other, especially when we have a common enemy. Why don’t we talk about…”? I slit his neck before he finishes which leads to an intense fight between both parties.
The fight is short with my men dealing killing strikes and soon I am left with just my men and one of the others who is kept alive.
“Tell me everything you know.” I say to him.
He goes on his knees and starts confessing, it is far worse than I thought but one thing is sure, before I fight the Varcasas, I have to unite the royal family or we would have already lost the battle before we even begin.
I summon the bravery to look at Erin, he nods his head at me and I feel a sense of comfort.
“Give him a pen and a book, he’ll give me the names of everyone he knows.” I say to Ladda.
“Enek and Emer! Spread the word. The general is back.”


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