Tales of Roelum Episode 60

Episode 60


“Why does it have to be so complicated? Rale or Roelum, it doesn’t matter as long as we are together.” Erin says as he slams the door to the room.

“You know exactly why Erin; this is more than just us. Both our kingdoms are in trouble, we can’t just put our heads in the cloud and hope that things would work themselves out.” I say with a sigh.

“We have been avoiding the topic long enough, I can’t be a general and at the same time be a princess of Rale.” I untie my hair in frustration.

“What are you proposing? Surely you are not talking about divorce? Tell me you are not thinking about it.” Erin growls at me.

“No, of course not but I can’t think of anything else. We can’t choose to save one nation and leave your father to face the Cads and the house of Ini.”

“Which is why I have come up with the perfect solution.” Erin says with excitement.

“Interesting, I’d like to hear it.” I raise my brow doubtfully.

“We merge the nations into one.” I look at him as if he has grown two horns all of a sudden.

“It is not impossible you know; this chaos is exactly what we need, it was one nation in the past and it can be again, imagine how powerful we will become if Roelum and Rale were to become one nation, our military forces aligned, our contacts, connection and influence put together, think about it, you can’t say you don’t see the advantages this could bring.” He pats my head.

“That is an extremely risky idea, I see its benefits but I can also see its drawbacks, we have been enemies for as long as time, even with us getting married, it only reduces the friction and stops the war, look around you, my people can barely stand your people and vice-versa. I can go on and on about what this could mean negatively for both countries.” I say while thinking of what it could also mean positively if we were to succeed.

“I can also think of numerous reasons why this would and can bring a new era of peace, we have been fighting with each other for so long that we have forgotten external factors, now it is the Varcasas, tomorrow, it might be another country. We are weaker apart, and you know it Salem.” Erin says with conviction.

“This is not just some new idea, you have been thinking about this for a while now, haven’t you?” I ask.

“The thought occurred to me once or twice, you were right about me stepping up. I will go back to Rale and handle things there, you deal with Roelum… divide and conquer and who knows we might have a chance to get out of this unscathed.” Erin gives me a determined look.

I am torn between being proud of him and worried, I know he is capable to handling himself but he is willing to face off with assassins and a powerful family determined to take the throne, I don’t know if he is ready to lose that part of himself and I am not sure I want him to.

“Do you think I can’t do it?” Erin asks with a hint of disappointment.

“No, I am more worried that you can, you realize that you are going to have to kill people that you grew up with, are you ready for that?” I ask.

“There are more ways to solve problems than one but if I have to, I will. I can not just fold my hands and watch my brother ruin the nation especially with his crazy wife. I am ready for this Salem.” He holds my hands.

“I don’t think I am. We might have to be apart for a long time, if you fall in love or do as much as look at another lady, I will kill you, Erin.” I say with all seriousness which for some reason makes him chuckle.

“You are down with this? Uniting the two kingdoms?” He asks.

“You are right, we are stronger together than we are apart. Pulling our resources together will make the kingdom nearly indestructible but I don’t think your father and Queen Nuke will agree to this, same as my family.” I say with resignation.

“We are just going to convince them, I’m sure they’ll see reason.” Erin smiles which make my heart flutter.

“I have no idea why you are so optimistic; I wish I could share the same sentiment with you. If we are not careful, this can weaken us or break us.” I say to him.

“One problem at a time, focus on the Varcasas and I will deal with the Ini and the Cads, I still have people loyal to me. Trust me, trust us Salem.” He hugs me tight; I take a deep breath and hug him back.

“I want to show you where I liked to hang out as a teenager, it’s my secret place… Only Paula has been there.” I grin.

“Should I be jealous of Paula?” He scoffs.

“Maybe a little bit.” I tease.

“When will you be leaving for Rale?”

“The earlier, the better. In the morning.” He tightens his arm around me.

“What is with the rush?” I whisper into his arms.

“I want to be someone you can depend on; I also need to stand as equals with you.” He replies.

“What do you mean? We are not equals?” I am confused.

“Look at you Salem, I need to at least feel deserving of your love. Watching you and your men this past month has made me reflect on how I have lived my life, I feel ashamed of the life I lived. No, it is not about the blood lust or the glory of war. It is the loyalty you have earned from these men; it is your legacy, it is in how you have started from being a discarded princess to a warrior that people fear and respect, with or without the mask.” I stare at him in wonder.

“You feel Inadequate?” I ask to be certain.

“Yes, I do. That is okay because now I am determined to be qualified as someone who is worth staying by your side.” He plays with my hair.

“I like you just the way you are, is that not enough?”

“I need to like myself also, can you understand this?” He pleads.

“No, but if it is that important to you; then it is important to me.” I smile at him.

“Thank you. About your secret space… there is no better time than the present.” He holds my hands as we leave the palace.

We stroll through the street, hand in hand under the moonlight as we pass through the main town. I take him to a hilly corner at the edge of the street, we walk through the path surrounded by trees and grasses until a giant rock.

“Are you sure we are on the right path?” Erin raises his brow.

“Yes, your highness.” I take him through a narrow road just behind the rock, he is surprised and I roll my eyes.

“That is why people never really found this place, they only see the big rock and turn back.” I say as we reach our destination.

“Wow…” He says in a low tune.

“I know! Magnificent, isn’t it?” I gloat.

“How… how is this possible?” He asks.

“I don’t know… I’m guessing ancient priests use here as a place of worship, I think so because of the runes.” I point at the old languages imprinted on the walls.

We are directly under the moon and stars with a waterfall shaped like a Jaguar, with the sounds of the water, and the dim light from the moon, fireflies surround us and the butterflies that seemed to have gone into hiding join the flies.

I grin in satisfaction at the look on Erin’s face.

“I tried to look for anything in the history books that talks about this place but there is nothing, I don’t understand the runes but there is a sense of peace here, I come here when I feel conflicted and lost.” I hold his hand; he entwines our fingers and kisses me softly and slowly. There under the moonlight, we made love in a maddening slow pace.

We lie in mutual silence with my head on his chest, I feel my tears drop, he sees it too and holds my face.

“I will come back to you Salem, I promise.” He kisses my forehead.

“You better, if you don’t; I will come after you. Know this Erin, I will not live in this world, if you are not in it.” I solemnly swear.

“You stay alive for me, I don’t care if you are a demon, you will be careful and not put yourself in unnecessary danger.”

I relax back into his arms dreading the moonlight turning into the break of dawn.