Tales of Roelum Episode 63

Episode 63
“You are doing what now?” I ask out loud.
“Have you gone mad?” My father glares at him.
“What kind of an idiot are you?” Queen Nuke reprimands after walking in.
“What do you expect me to do? Just stand and watch him take over the right of the heir to the kingdom?” Samael asks.
“Keep going like this and soon, there will be no kingdom left to fight for.” I scoff.
“Will you accept my challenge or not?” He asks.
“You have absolutely lost your mind, I told you not to get married to that riff-raff, now look at you behaving like a savage.” Queen Nuke brims with anger.
“Do you really think you can win him?” My father asks him.
“No… No way, I have already lost one son. God forbid I lose another.” Queen Nuke shuts the door.
“Then why would you watch this bastard try to take what is mine?” Samael asks.
“Why did you get married to a woman who wants our downfall, I know you Samael, you are as cunny as they come, there is no way you have no idea what your wife has been up to these past month, if you have the balls to challenge your brother to a Twark, then use that same balls and keep your wife in check or I will help you do that!” Queen Nuke screams at him which shocks him and me also, she has never ever been on my side before and I wonder if there is anything attached to her behaviour.
“Are you picking his side over mine?” Samael stares in shock.
“What has me being on your side ever done? You brought a deadly enemy into my house; my home and you have the guts to walk in here and demand responsibility when you cannot even keep your own house in order.” She holds the sword my father handed to her and holds it to his throat.
“Don’t push me to the wall Samael, choose a side. Your wife or this family. You cannot have it both ways anymore, You can’t be a prince of Rale and dine with the enemy. Who will you choose? Her or us?” She lowers the sword.
“You can never understand, I see now… I don’t know what you did Erin but I applaud you, who would have known that the little scrawny kid everyone looked down on had claws. Before anything else, I am prince of Rale, and that comes before I am a husband. I had no idea who she was or what her vendetta was until recently, I love that woman with my heart, body and soul and I thought it was enough, I thought she would realize that what we had would trump her thirst for vengeance.” He sighs resignedly.
“What would you have me do? I am all that she has… I can’t just abandon her especially when I know that in a way I am the cause of that pain she carries, you are too Father, at least you all have each other… I choose her. What is the point of having a kingdom if she doesn’t have a place in it.” He stares at everyone in the room and walks out.
I try to go after him.
“Let him be, apparently all the princes are love filled fools, I have obviously raised you all wrong if you men think that love supersedes family.” Queen Nuke walks out too.
“That is the woman I got married to.” My father says watching Queen Nuke leave with a proud smile.
“Are you not sad? You have no one else.” I say to him.
“What are you talking about? I have you.” He replies.
“No, you don’t” I retort.
“What are you saying?” He frowns.
“I mean you have no one close to you, someone you can rely on.” I explain.
“That is the burden of a King.” He sighs.
“It only is because that’s the path you chose, you chose to be a King instead of a father, when you could have been both.” I shake my head.
“That is an impossible task. One day, you will understand.” He says to me.
“My advice, you still have Queen Nuke, for whatever reason, she is loyal to you. Don’t loose her to your pride and stubbornness, it doesn’t always have to be lonely.” I tell him.
“I am not lonely, haven’t you seen my concubines?” He smirks.
I give up, bow and leave the room.
I go out to meet one of Queen Nuke’s new maid, she tells me that I need to go see Queen Nuke, I knew that it wasn’t going to be that easy.
“Sit.” She tells me.
“I understand your reservations about me, I don’t know I never saw you coming.” She smiles sadly.
“As long as I don’t have to see your wife, I will support you in dealing with the house of Ini and the Cads, I have my people at the Pallaire. We are killing everyone, are we not? Or do you think there is a chance for peace? For the sake of your brother?” I know she is testing me.
“You really believe that Samael will give up the throne? He would rather die than lose to me. You know that too… I don’t think Ayo will ever return to the palace that means he knows exactly where she is. He doesn’t owe the King any loyalty, that’s what is probably running through his mind; He wants the throne and he would do just about anything to get it.” I remark.
“Which means that there is a high chance that you both might clash… Will you preserve his life?” She asks.
“Probably not. He won’t hesitate to take my life, why should I not return the favor.” I raise my brow.
“Are you not scared that I would kill you?” She smirks.
“Maybe you will kill me, but not today… you need someone at the forefront, and look around, I am the only one left.” I cross my hands.
“You have changed.” She chuckles.
“It was a needed development.” I grin at her.
“You know if he dies, I would come after you.” She promises.
“I will be ready; I promise that I won’t go after him if he doesn’t come after me.” I give in.
She hands me a whistle.
“The house of Ini have a birthday coming up in three days, find a way to get into the building you’re your men, don’t be caught. When it is twelve, blow that whistle and attack.” She relaxes into her chair.
“What would happen if I blow the whistle.” I ask.
“You don’t trust me?” she smiles slightly.
“Not even a little bit.” I say to her.
“Trust that I want them dead, blow the whistle and you’ll see. That time would be perfect, they think we are on the losing side and their prominence grows in the royal court, their defenses have been lowered, but don’t be careless, they will have enough security for a private army. Find a way in and half of our problems would be solved.” She closes her eyes.
I try to talk, she shushes me, her maid takes me out.
Akka meets me outside and I am no longer surprised by his sudden appearances at odd times.
“That woman really says everything she wants to say without giving anyone a chance for feedback, it’s ridiculous.” I sigh out loud.
“She is a dangerous woman; you have to be careful with her.” Akka comments.
“How do you know she is dangerous?” I ask.
“I’ve done my research, I like to know who to be wary of, you should try it sometime.” He smirks.
I look at him suspiciously. “How did you overhear my conversation with the King or was it the Queen?”
“I have my ways. You really need to learn how to be less honest.” He remarks.
“No, thank you… I have my ways and you have yours.” I say with a laugh.
“Boring…” He mutters and I grin.
“What do you think will happen when I blow the whistle.” I wonder out loud.
“Well it can either be a good thing or a bad thing, with her, I can’t tell.” Akka examines the whistle.
“Do you have a way we can infiltrate the party.” I ask.
“I have one or two ideas. Have you heard of the Trojan horse fable?” He raises his brow and grins.