Tales of Roelum Episode 64

Episode 64
“What did you just say?” I ask in shock.
“You are pregnant.” Luna replies with a smile.
“What?!” Paula widens her eyes.
“You mean she is carrying a baby?” Elena asks with a gasp.
I stare in shock for a few seconds.
“How do you know?” I ask.
“I help with delivery of children, your fingers, eyes and complexion… It is very obvious. Can’t you all see?” Luna asks with a laugh.
“No… she looks pretty much the same to me, does she look different to you?” Elena asks Paula.
“Eyes, ears and lips… No, she looks the same, do you know what you are talking about?” Paula asks Luna.
“I am sure, when last did you bleed?” Luna asks Salem.
“I..I don’t know, I don’t keep track… it’s irregular, I was told it was because of my physical activities. This can’t be right?” I repeat.
“You have been intimate with the Prince, have you not? Did you use any form of contraception?” Luna stares at me in question.
“The thought never occurred to me; I wasn’t thinking about Babies at that time.” I murmur.
“To be clear, you have been engaging in sexual activities with your husband without any form of contraception, yet you are surprised that you might be with child?” Luna states.
“When you say it out loud like that, it sounds stupid.” I glare at her.
“We need to be sure, not that I don’t respect your opinion as whoever you are, we cannot just take your word for it.” Elena declares.
“We?” Paula smirks.
“You know what I mean, do you really want to start with me right now when Salem’s life could be in danger?” Elena panics.
“My life is in danger?!” I exclaim.
“How is her life in danger? Will the Baby kill her?” Paula gasps.
“You two…. Calm down!!!” I scream at them.
“No…. No we can’t calm down. I have seen women lose their lives trying to birth children. Do you know where children come from?” Elena asks with a whisper.
“I have never thought about it.” Paula says out loud.
“Where do Babies come from” I ask suspiciously.
“There…. Babies come from there!” Elena points at her crotch.
“I don’t understand.” I say with a frown.
“Neither do I, they come from our private part?” Paula questions with a doubt.
“That’s impossible.” I laugh nervously.
“Which hole?” Paula asks in wonder.
“The smaller one.” Elena answers.
“Which is the smaller one, I have never tried to measure it.” Paula thinks out loud.
“Whatever the hole, it is impossible.” I say.
“Where then do you think Babies come from?” Elena widens her eyes at me.
I pause and look at Luna who stares at all three of us in amusement.
“How would that even be possible?” I think of the ridiculousness of it all.
“Why do you think people die from it? They bleed out most of the time and if you are lucky to be alive, some women are actually stupid to be pregnant again.” Elena shakes her head.
“I assure you, it is more painful than anything you have ever experienced.” Elena shudders.
“More painful than a knife cut?” Paula asks.
“Yes” Elena answers.
“More painful than a long fall?” I ask.
“Yes.” She replies.
“More painful than a dart to the neck?” Paula asks.
“How do you know? You have never experienced any.” Paula scoffs at her.
“I know more than you do obviously.” Elena gloats.
Luna bursts out laughing.
“I can’t take this anymore, it’s a natural process. Giving birth is not something that should be feared but celebrated. I take it that all you three grew up without a mother or someone who could guide you through this.” Luna sighs out loud.
“Are you mocking us?” Paula glares at her.
“No, I am just making a point. I am curious though… How did you react to your first blood?” Luna asks and Paula shifts uncomfortably, I chuckle remembering the first time Paula bled.
“She ran through the barracks stained thinking she was going to die, thankfully she started before I did… it has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of your life… That’s of course if you feel shame.” I tease.
“Why should I be embarrassed of something that every woman goes through?!” Paula sulks.
“Not that, the fact that you thought you were dying. I have never seen you so terrified.” I snicker.
“You are the one who is pregnant” Paula reminds me and my smile fades immediately.
“How do we know for certain?” I ask Luna.
“It’s too early to tell, it needs to be at least two months old, it’s barely two days now.” Luna shrugs, the rest of us stop and look at her stunned.
“H…How then do you know?” Paula widens her eyes.
“Ï am not like every other mid wife, you three always forget… I am a seer; it is in the name itself. I see better than regular people.” Luna smirks and I want to hit her and not even for the first time.
“Do you know that you are as annoying as Elena, sometimes I feel like you are worse than she is.” I grumble and leave her behind.
Paula rides beside me. “What if she is right and you are with child?”
“I am right.” Luna says behind me.
“Then I am pregnant. It means I will be a mother.” I say so calmly even though I am panicking on the inside.
“We are about to fight in a war.” Elena reminds me.
“The more reason I need to fight.” I reply.
“Aren’t you curious about the hole a baby comes from?” Luna asks.
“Which one?” Paula asks.
“The front one.” Luna grins at me.
We freeze again with Paula staring at me open mouthed.
“That is going to hurt like nothing else.” Paula declares.
“You are going to be a mother!” Elena smiles at me.
I grin for the first time since I heard Luna say that.
“I am going to be a mother.”
“May the gods have mercy on us.” Paula smiles with us.