Tales of Roelum Episode 66

Episode 66
Prince Erin
“This is your great idea?” I growl at Akka.
“Did you have a better one?” He smirks and it looks weird as he is disguised as a painted dancer.
“Why? Why? We could have been servers, not dancers!!! What if we have to perform before midnight? This is embarrassing.” I murmur childishly.
“Aster already has that place covered, it is easy for him and his men since no one knows what they look like coupled with the fact that they look like teenagers, no one would suspect them. How many times do I have to remind you of this fact?” Akka sighs out loud.
We follow the troupe through the main gates, they are thoroughly checked and monitored which makes me want to thank Akka reluctantly for helping us get into the party. My heart starts to pound as we pass through the guards and we are close enough to hear the music and the merriments, I take a glance around and notice that a lot of ministers who were supposed to be on my father’s side are here with them. I take a good look at the center and I am able to catch a glance of the formidable Ini, while other guards are everywhere, his close guards are from the house of Cads, I remember their uniform.
“It is not going to be easy; I remember that man from the last battle, he was the one who nearly killed Emer, he is vicious… His entire men are. Do not confront them openly and if at any chance you are faced with anyone of the three men over there, I say this from the bottom of my heart. You run!” He warns me seriously.
“Is the almighty Akka afraid of a fight?” I tease him and he glares at me.
“I am a warrior and not an idiot, I can take them each at a time and not all three, while your skills might be above average; it is nowhere near them, they are seasoned in battle and as ruthless as Salem.” Akka warns again.
“I don’t think Salem is as ruthless as everyone makes her seem.” I retort.
“That is because you are an Idiot. You are lucky she loves you.” He shakes his head.
We blend into the background while taking notice of everything else, I catch a glance at my brother Samael and Ayo occupying a seat close to the Ini. I remember Nuke’s words to me which makes me sigh out.
“There is too much of sighing here, manage your emotions. I don’t plan on dying tonight.” Akka says and it makes me disconcerted because I have never really seen him ruffled, not even when we were ambushed.
“What are you so afraid of?” I ask.
“It is not that I am afraid, it’s been a while I have fought without the other night guards, there is a safety in knowing there are other people watching your back. I am very used to fighting as a team.” He explains and I nod in understanding.
“You have me.” I say and he chuckles.
“What… you can really trust me.” I say with all seriousness.
“How do I explain this? I don’t know you that well.” Akka chuckles again.
“W…what are you talking about?” I ask in frustration.
“I don’t think you even truly know yourself. People are different in times of battle.” He smiles at me.
“I am not an idiot you know?” I glower at him.
“Well…. “He raises his brow.
“Please, shut up!” I raise my voice a little which earns me looks from other dancers in the troupe.
“I know you are the prince, but this is not the time to be squabbling.” Victor whispers to us and I remembered that he has been with us since we stepped in.
“He is so strange; I can’t believe he has not said a single word. I forgot he was here.” Akka reflects my thoughts.
“How good is he at fighting?” Akka asks.
“The best I’ve seen before meeting Salem and the night guards.” I reply.
“I am strong and fast.” Victor whispers.
“Hmmmmm…” Akka responds.
“Let him be! He is always a little nervous before a fight.” A strange voice joins in which puts us at alert.
“Relax, it’s me.” He snickers.
“Karan? The brute?” Akka relaxes a bit.
“Who is Karan?” I ask.
“Apparently, he challenged Salem to a Twark in the Pallaire, he became her spy after saving his life. He got us into the troupe.” Akka explains and I look back to see a big muscled man covered in colorful paints. Somehow, he looks ridiculous but somehow manages to look handsome and I am afraid to imagine what I look like with the paint.
“It’s okay, you look very elegant and pretty with the paints.” Akka winks at me and I shudder.
“I don’t think any man would enjoy being called pretty.” I roll my eyes.
“Our men are in place; I don’t know what your Queen plan is so we have to be alert for when you blow that. It could mean our deaths if we are not careful.” He warns again.
“You are doing a lot of that…” I say to him.
“What?” He asks.
“Warnings, is there something you want to share?” I ask.
“Well… There was one clause in our agreement in allowing us sneak in with the troupe.” Akka avoids my eyes and I have a bad feeling.
“Www.. what do you mean?” I ask and before he can answer… I am blindfolded and led somewhere but I hear Akka as he says… “Their lead dancer broke his leg, in exchange for the entrance… I told them you are a magnificent dancer.” I think I hear Karan laughing out loud.
I can’t scream to alert anyone…. I am put in the middle of a place and the silence makes me uncomfortable. There is only one kind of dancing that requires blindfold, it the Migue dance. I have seen it once during Queen Nuke’s last birthday. It is usually slow, sensual and consumes a lot of strength.
I try to think of how I can get out of the situation when the music starts, I have no idea where I am or how I should dance, so I don’t move for a second and I hear a voice in the crowd telling me to move it and I assume it’s me. I remove the blindfold and discovered that I am placed in the stage where the Ini has a direct view in watching me. The crowd goes confused and I tie my blindfold again to avoid my eyes meeting Samael.
I take a deep breath and sway my head to the music at first, I have decided to give it my best shot channeling my memory of Elena and the dancing I have watched. “Nothing to be ashamed of.”I say this to myself a few times and I get the needed boost to dance.
I add in a few kicks and swings there, leaps and unnecessary twirls. The music comes to an end and I am not eager to remove the blindfold.
“Are you sure that was a Migue dance?” I hear someone ask and put my blindfold down as I fearlessly look in that direction.
“What did it then look like to you, my dear sit?” I provoke and he seems to be intimidated.
“There was nothing elegant about that… especially that twirling. It was as bad as watching my grandma try to catch a fly.” He responds and people start to laugh.
I move closer to him, he backs up but I pick up a sword and smirk while I drag him with me to the stage.
“Would you like to see another kind of dance?” I ask coyly.
He stutters and nods.
I learnt the Bangla… This is a royal dance meant for the royal family. The moment I dance like that, Samael would know who I am but I don’t care, it is nearly midnight anyway.
I was always the best at it, I remember my father saying it was a dance of the gods, I tell the musician to play the music again, I dance the Bangla which makes the man’s eyes widen. Samael stands up from his chair, I watch him from the corner of my eyes. He looks at me in recognition.
“That is Erin… The prince of Rale.” He exclaims.
Ayo glares at me and I wave at them. The Ini focuses on me.
I grin as midnight comes and I blow the whistle.