Tales of Roelum Episode 68

Episode 68

Prince Erin

The female servants and dancers attack the men immediately, one second it was just me on stage and the next girls attack the house of Ini and their men. They are mostly drunk which made it easier, my men come out and join the fight, the cads increase in numbers as they defend the officials who are alive. The women don’t relent as they go after each and every one of the men.

“You did this!” I hear my brother scream at me as Ayo drags him away.

I search for the Ini but Akka beats me to it as he attacks his men, I join him.

“I told you not to avoid them.” Akka breathed.

“Why are you fighting then since we were supposed to avoid them?” I retort.

“Don’t get hurt, I’ll take the big one…” He unsheathes his sword.

Victor join us and Akka grins.

“I hope you fight as good as you look.” Akka attacks the bigger guy while Victor handles the other guy and I run in the direction of the Ini. I run into the house; it is quiet, too quiet which makes me alert.

“You should not have come here today brother.” Samael comes out of a room followed by Ayo.

“It is not too late, give up now.” I try to reason with him.

“Do you think you have won?” Ayo taunts me as she plays with her knives.

“What kind of idiot are you? Why exactly are you doing this? You are willing to betray your family for her… she used you, she is still using you.” I am wary of Ayo as she walks around me.

“Spare me your righteous act. How did I manage to miss that ambition of yours?” Samael laughs in self-mockery.

“Don’t do this… we have already lost one brother; we don’t have to lose each other.” I try again but his mind is made up.

Ayo rushes to me and I defend, she is fast but I was careful… too careful and she nicks me in the face.

“Oh no… pretty boy! Not your face!” She laughs and continues her incessant attacks while Samael watches.

She cuts my arm again and I growl in anger.

“I warned you.” I say and return her attacks without giving her a chance to breathe, I nick her face and shoulder in the same length, she looks at me surprised.

Samael picks up a sword and joins her.

“Do you even know how to use that?” I ask.

“More than you think.” Attacks from my rear and Ayo does from my front, I block and defend myself until I find a rhythm, I see a chance and cut Samael’s leg, he winces and pulls back giving me the opportunity to slit Ayo’s neck. Samael screams in agony and attacks me blindly, he is no longer thinking, just pure rage. Which makes his hits predictable, I slide and kick him, then put him on chokehold till he loses consciousness.

Akka comes in and sees Ayo’s dead body.

“I see you handled yourself well…” He says in admiration but I notice he is bleeding.

“Are you alright?” I ask, he chases me away.

“Just flesh wound.” He winces as he takes another step.

I check where the blood is coming from and I gasp.

“We have to take you to a healer.” I help him move.

“What about the Ini?” He says to me.

“He can wait.” I reply with my mind made up.

“No he can’t, we cannot give them a chance to regroup. It will render all of our efforts useless.” He pushes me away.

“Where is Victor?” I look around for him.

“I am here.” Victor limps in.

“Good… you are alive.” Akka grins at him which makes Victor glare.

“You two will go see the royal healer now.” Aster comes in and stares at all three of us, he frowns when he sees that Akka is bleeding.

“How is it out there?” Akka asks.

“It’s like a blood storm, I don’t know who or how those women were trained but they are very single minded. Are you alive?” Aster feels his heart.

“You are losing blood.” Aster comments.

“And Ini is getting farther from here.” Akka growls at me.

“He is not getting anywhere, the secret tunnel was blocked by us the last time we came, this is the only way in and out. This place was probably made as a secure house.” I remind him and he heaves a sigh of relief.

“I will go with him, you two get treated.” Aster tells them off.

“Okay… Man of principle.” Akka mutters loud enough for me to hear.

“Won’t you be happy to see me dead?” Akka smirks.

“If you are going to die, it’d better be by my hands.” Aster scoffs.

“What about him?” Aster points at Samael.

“Is he dead?” Victor sighs out loud.

“No, he is not. I can’t kill him, if Queen Nuke has a private army of her own; only God knows what else she’s hiding. “I explain.

“I think you should kill him.” Akka advises.

“He is my brother.” I say with resignation.

“And you killed his wife, his wife who he pretty much loves so much that he left his family. He will try to kill you when he becomes conscious. If you kill him now, you only have to worry about one enemy but if you let him live… You will have two. Do you see the maths here?” Akka enunciates slowly.

“I think you should kill him too.” Victor agrees with Akka which surprises me, he never gives his opinion about anything.

“It is a big risk letting him live, do you really think you two can co-exist? You are too far gone; it is time to cut your losses.” Victor continues.

“I see you have chosen your side.” I shake my head.

“That was never a question. Yours always.” Victor bows.

“I can’t kill him … especially not now that he is harmless. I will give him one more chance, I have no hope but this is a courtesy extended to the Queen, she needs to know that I am doing my best. If I kill him like this, there will be no other heir to the throne except for me. This is not how I want to get that crown.” I tear his garment and tie him up so he doesn’t escape if he ever comes to.

Victor helps Akka move and they leave the building. I walk behind Aster; the light is dim with the entrance leading to different rooms. We carefully check each room and compartments but we find nobody.

“There is no entrance out, I saw him go through this place.” I say with conviction.

We check the walls for any secret openings but fail to find any.

“Is it possible he found a way out of here; you were busy so he could have escaped in that time.” Aster suggests.

I sit on the ground in frustration, I pause and I see that I have triggered something.

“don’t move.” Aster warns as he goes closer and discovers it is a lever attached to something. He follows the rope and sees a big wooden arrow hidden under the curtains.

“This is new… the Ini is still here and he is one clever man.” Aster slowly lowers his weapon so he can dismantle the lever.

“Why… Thank you for the compliment.” The Ini steps out from a wall and points a crossbow at Aster.