Tales of Roelum Episode 69

Episode 69

Prince Erin

“So that’s where you were!” Aster nods in understanding.

Ini smirks, he doesn’t point the bow at me.

“Common… fire the bow.” Aster provokes him.

“I am not stupid, no matter how skilled I am… I won’t be able to beat you two, but I will be satisfied taking you with me.” He changes the target from Aster to me. This makes both of us freeze.

“The one and only heir, why don’t we go to hell together.” He offers a generous smile.

“No, thank you. Why don’t you surrender? There is still a chance that you’ll survive. If you surrender now, the King might exile you instead of a disgraceful death. After all you are part of the founding families of Roelum. As long as you are still alive, there will always be a chance for another rebellion. Think about it, but if you kill me now… well, you absolutely wouldn’t survive the night.” I advise and Aster raises his sword at him.

“I have to say… I did not see this coming. Nuke had always been a slippery one but making my own maids her tools, I underestimated that woman.” Ini chuckles in amusement.

He looks tired all of a sudden.

“Believe me or not, I never wanted any of this… Mona stole Nuke from me!!! I didn’t think she would have the heart to ambush me despite our history.” He laughs sadly.

I am surprised by this information, I didn’t know the Queen and Ini had any history but based on the sadness in his eyes, they were more than just acquaintances.

“Ahhhhh…. I see!!! You know nothing about your father’s indiscretion. You understand royal families and secrets, don’t you? I have one for you.” Ini taunts me.

“I don’t believe anything that comes from your lips especially when you are cornered, shrewd and alone!!! You would do just about anything to survive.” I stop him with a glare.

“Don’t be so stubborn, who knows?! This might give you the needed push to take the throne. What if it gives you an advantage over your father?” Ini’s hands shake slightly which means he is beginning to get tired.

“Ugh… just kill me…” I sigh dramatically.

“Do you think Samael just decided to go against the royal family by his lonesome or simply because he was in love? Think about it, you know your brother… Would he risk a chance at being King like that?? My hands are beginning to get tired.” Ini resignedly lowers his crossbow.

“Is this really the end? If it is… I need you to know that I am Samael’s…” Blood gushes from his lips as a random girl stabs him.

“He talks too much.” She says and walks away.

“Where did she even come from?!” Aster exclaims.

“Do you think he was about to say what I think he was about to say?” Aster wonders.

“It is better not to think about it. Thinking will only be disastrous for us both.” I warn him.

“That would mean that the…” I cut him off.

“Don’t talk about it, he might have been saying nonsense to buy him time.” I check to see if he is dead.

“Do you know who that girl is?” I ask him.

“She is one of them… the Queen’s secret warriors.” Aster answers.

“That much is obvious, can you remember her face? I couldn’t take a good look.”

“It should be easy… she’s quite …. Busty” Aster clears his throat.

“I see where your priorities are.” I mock him.

“Tell the men to move his body.” I walk out and see that Samael is missing and no longer tied up.

Aster sees the same thing and shrugs. “I told you to kill him.”

“Shut up.”


I am back at the palace; I clean up the blood and dispose of my clothes. I am on my way to check on Victor and Akka.

“Did you kill him?” I hear a voice behind me.

“It is late or too early in the morning. Can’t we discuss this later?” I ask after looking behind to see Queen Nuke and her entourage.

I recognize one of the girls, the one who killed Ini and it all made so much sense.

“Why don’t you ask your girl instead, I am sure she gave you all the details.” I sigh tiredly.

“I am asking you.” She insists.

“No, I didn’t kill him. He is somewhere out there probably plotting his revenge. I will make sure to sleep with my eyes open.” I reply.

“Anything else?” She asks.

“Ayo is dead… That one I killed.” I yawn.

“I don’t care about her. It was a success then? The Ini is dead, even if any of his followers is alive, they will be too afraid to do anything.” Queen Nuke grins sadly.

“I thought you would be happier with their demise; your power is stable once again.”

“Don’t get it twisted, I have never been intimidated by anyone, not even your father. Ini was a different man once, he deserved better than the end he came into.” She turned and walked away.

I change my route and move to my father’s chambers; he is awake and in his sleeping robe. He grins at me as he gestures to his guards to leave the room. There is incense in the room, giving a relaxed ambience, it is the first time I am looking at my father loosely dressed with his hair down.

“You are so uptight, have you always been o your guard against me?” He asks as he seats.

“It is the palace, there is no other way to be.” I seat down conscious and aware.

“Tonight, was a success, you did this… Enjoy the win.” He grins widely at me and I am more disconcerted.

“It is not yet over; Samael is out there and he will be back especially with the death of his wife.” I warn which makes him chuckle.

“Samael is in my custody… You should have killed him when you had the chance.” My father looks at me with a mixture of amusement and seriousness.

“Of course, you had your people too. Why do you two stay married to each other?” I groan in frustration.

“Need… We need each other and I can see that you are still weak. Follow me.” He stands and raises his bed; another door opens and we walk through it. I see Samael tied up and gagged, he sees us and glares at me. He struggles to loosen the bond but fails.

“I am going to give you a chance. Kill him.” My father says as he hands over a small knife.

Samael looks at him in fear and back at me filled with hate. I refuse to collect the dagger.

“You have to understand the cross of the crown before you bear the glory. He betrayed this family and he needs to be put down, so do it.” My father calmly says again.

“He is your son… My brother… Does that even mean anything to you at all?” I ask and he laughs out loud.

“Do you really believe he is my son? I thought Ini told you all that you needed to know.” He relaxes as he plays with the dagger.

“H… wait… the Queen’s girl… she is yours too.” I scoff.

“You two deserve each other.” I laugh without humor.

“After Brahim, I never touched Nuke. Of course, I knew about her hidden trips, I didn’t think she had the guts to kill her lover or ex… whatever they are or were.” He shakes his head as if amused.

“You did nothing about it?!” I am so confused about their relationship.

“We were always messy… I didn’t care as long as she never stepped outside the line.” He grinned and slit Samael’s throat.

“What have you done?!!” I scream as I try to stop the bleeding.