Tales of Roelum Episode 7

Episode 7


There is a moment of deafening silence before all hell breaks loose and masked men in black starts attacking us, Prince Erin and his father picks us their sword to defend themselves, there’s screaming, the guards lead both Queens to safety while my father and brothers fight.

I still stay seated with Paula behind me, she sits with me and sighs.

“Well, this was going too well, it is to be expected, not everyone will accept peace, but this still sucks.” We both duck as a plate comes flying towards us, Paula picks up a piece of chicken and munches on it.

“Doesn’t this remind you of old times?” She asks me, I arc my brow “Wait, I got married before and had a bloody feast to boot?” She bursts out laughing as a masked man aims his sword at us, Paula has her knife ready but Prince Erin strikes him down, looks at us in surprise. I smile and wave and he frowns further.

“We sitting calmly while all this chaos happens doesn’t really speak well of us, does it? We should have gone into hiding like the others.” I say to Paula, she shrugs and chews on another piece of meat.

“I don’t like how the Cornwy smells, then there’ll be all these tension between both Queens, I’d really rather just stay here.” Paula replies, she trips one a masked man close to us and slits his throat, the hem of her garment is stained, she cusses out loud, something about men, I can never fully understand her when she speaks in her dialect.

The fight comes to an end, Prince Erin comes at me with a bloody sword, Paula tenses and I recognize she’s ready to strike, I pat her legs and she relaxes. Prince Erin looks really angry with me, for some reason, I like it.

“Why would you sit here? Why didn’t you listen to my order and go with my guards? Do you want to die?” He screams at me, everyone pauses, my father tries to intervene, King Rale stops him and signals that this is between us.

I smirk and I think a vein popped somewhere on his forehead. “I didn’t remember any orders and I was surprised, no one bothered with me, not your guards, not my father’s guards so I decided not to be a bother to anyone and if you remember clearly, you jumped into the fight, you never said a word about me.”

He blinks twice and realizes that this is true, I’m not even angry or upset, I’m used to being overlooked, which is why I like the fact that he’s angry at me, I am so pathetic that I’ll take whatever I can get. Anything is better than complete Obliviousness.

He sighs and runs his hands through his hair, “Do you have any regard for your safety? Even if no one tried to protect you, what about protecting yourself? If I wasn’t here, what would have happened to you?” He groans frustratedly.

“I would have survived, I was safe, I have Paula, she is as deadly as they come and let’s not forget, I saved your life, you are lucky I picked up catching arrows as a game, who knows what would have happened to you if I wasn’t here?” I say to him as calmly as I can which I think is a smart move in defusing his anger but he only looks more angry.

I give up and pack up my hair, I roll the ends around it making it look like a donut. I glance up to see him staring at me with a little bit of wonder, I feel a little embarrassed ” Why are you looking at me like that?” I hear my father whisper something that seems like a prayer.

“The blood doesn’t bother you, you just watched people die and you are not even shaken, you even have the presence of mind to take care of your hair.” He says to me and I understand, I am supposed to be some innocent ignorant princess with no knowledge of what its like at the battle ground.

“I know a little about life and Death, I go to the barracks from time to time; I don’t get shaken, it will take a little more than this to make me afraid. Why? Is this not what you expected of me? Oh you think Roelum princesses don’t bother with the masses and live in blissful ignorance at the lavish life we have been blessed with? I’m sorry to disappoint you,I am nothing like that. Oh, this would be a good time to tell you this.”

I lean and whisper to him “Don’t you ever yell at me in public again or I will yank your balls so hard, your mouth will feel it.” I smile sweetly and bow as Paula leads me out of the room.

Prince Erin

I stare at Salem in shock as she leaves the room, side stepping the bodies as swiftly as anyone possibly can. I am too shocked to say a word, my father clears his throat and pats my back, the King of Roelum comes to me, it is the first time he talks to me.

“My daughter is ummmm, she is not what you will ever expect but she will always exceed your expectations, she won’t cry or beg for your attention, but you won’t be able to help yourself. Word of advice, don’t underestimate her, she is the most cunning person I know and if she’s on your side, you are one lucky bastard. Don’t fight her, get her to your side, it will be the best decision you will ever take.” I bow in response and I think to myself, Princess Salem is way more than what meets the eyes.

I got into my room, I get in to see Salem’s dress on the bed and I’m reminded that i am a married man now. I hear water splashes in the bathroom, I can’t help myself, I go in to see Salem immersed in salt water and roses, she looks up and arcs her brow.

“It’s funny right, even after everything that happened this night, the royal family still expects us to consummate this marriage. Are you up for it, dear husband?”