Tales of Roelum Episode 71

Episode 71


I stand at the top of the mountain with Enek and Emer, we watch the Varcasas lay their tents as they rest. I know this is just part of their army, they have decided to attack us at both ends.

“They are fully prepared and confident. They even dare to rest on our boundary lines.” Emer says in anger.

“No… They are provoking us. Misha is a daring and cunning, I don’t know what he is trying to find but we cannot let him find that. How is it that we don’t have a spy there?” I ask out loud.

“King Abu is a paranoid man; the plans and blueprints of the war is only open to him and Misha. My sources say King Abu did not leave Varcasa, he just sent his right-hand man. This means that he is not with the army but the tricky part is Misha his general, we don’t know what Unit he is in. He might be camped out with those people there or he is not in our territory.” Enek explains.

We lay hidden and I use my monocular to check the camp. The men seem relaxed and distracted.

“I don’t think he is there; this is another distraction.” I conclude.

“Why are you so sure?” Enek asks.

“Look at them, based on what we have heard about Misha, you think the soldiers can relax with him in camp? They would be more at alert. He likes games, search all the hidden sites, caves especially burial grounds, no matter how inconsequential you might think it is, I need you to report everything to me. This is interesting, Misha is not a simple man. I don’t think the Varcasas are as predictable as the last time, he is waiting somewhere and I need you to find that out.” I order.

“What about them? Whether or not they are distractions, we can’t leave them on our territory.” Emek glares at their image.

“I will send someone undercover; it is strange that they are just there and playing around. It doesn’t matter how ruthless Misha is, he wouldn’t sacrifice over three thousand men just to play with us.” I sigh out loud. This is the worst part of war, the psychological game and the gamble.

“Maybe he is that ruthless or a good gambler. Don’t give him so much credit, it is possible that he knows your every move, he is a new player but you have built a reputation for yourself so he has and can predict your moves. If he is as smart and cunning as you think, then he would know that you wouldn’t just waste people’s lives and he is using that fact against you.” Enek advises.

I groan out loud. “Maybe I have gotten soft and you are right, I don’t know anything about Misha and it drives me crazy.”

“How can we not know anything about Misha!!!” I groan with frustration.

“Well since we left, your father has been a little lax when it comes to surveying neighboring lands and their security. At the moment, we are flying blind.” Emer fumes.

“Our scouts, don’t they have any useful information?” I ask again.

“Nothing we can work with yet.” Emer continues.

“Tell me everything you know, and find out all you can about Misha as you search for him.”

“Who will you send down there?” Enek asks.

“I don’t know yet. You two can go, let Tope replace you here.” They leave and I wait for Tope who is another scout. He bows and I go down to meet my men.

We are hidden behind a waterfall and surrounded by hills, I divide my men into different units and place them in strategic places. It seems this Misha had the same idea.

Paula follows me into my part of the cave. She helps me remove my armor.

“We were able to save the borders, I have to say that it is not because of anything we did. They retreated on their own. None of their attacks make sense.” Paula loosens my hair.

“Hmmmmmm… How curious are you?” I ask with a smirk.

“Curious?” She raises her brow.

“Yes, don’t you want to know what exactly their plan is, I don’t want to call it a game but that is what it feels like. He is toying with us.” I run my hand through my hair.

“Not us, you… maybe he is toying with you.” Paula says with a frown.

“He is testing us… or tormenting us… ughhhh… trying to figure out what he wants is not fun especially as I have no idea who he is.” I lie on the stone bed.

“Remember how you were underestimated several times when you became a general the first moon cycle? This is completely different. He is feeling us out. I wish he would just come out straight and battle. All this thinking is driving me insane.” Paula lies beside me.

“How would you like to sneak into their camp with Elena? Then capture one of their men when coming out. Someone nobody would notice.” I turn to her.

She grins and nods “I would love to but why Elena?”

“Not to put any dent on your social skills but you will have a better chance gaining more information with her, she looks harmless and that innocent face can make people lay down their guards.” I explain to her and she frowns at me.

“She has no experience; it is dangerous and she could get hurt.”

“She managed to play both parties for years, I think she will be fine.” I counter.

“She gets angry easily.” Paula argues.

“I think you are talking about yourself; she just enjoys baiting you and you fall for it every time.” I smile at her.

“Why her?” She whines.

“Why not her?” I chuckle out loud.

“Will you ever let me have the last word?” she murmurs.

“One day… One day I will.”

Paula stands and adjusts her clothes.

“We will be back in two days’ time, watch out for Luna. I don’t trust her.” She walks towards the door.

“To be fair, you trust no one.” I smile sadly at her as she closes the entrance.

I stand and remove my clothes, I am dressed in a robe as I walk deeper into the cave, where the water from the fall forms a mini lake. I step into the water and enjoy its warmth; I sink into the water and enjoy the silence for some minutes and raise my head out. My body immersed; I slowly move to where my knife is but a man’s shoe prevents me from taking my knife out.

“Tsk tsk tsk…. Not advisable general or should I say Princess. It must be hard for people to know what to address you as at the moment.” A deep voice with a strange accent ring through the empty space and I look up to see a handsome man with long hair, lively eyes and a cocky smile.

“It doesn’t matter what you call me, what matters is what I choose to answer to.” I slowly walk out of the water. My robe clings to me like a second skin and water dripping down my hair to my body and the ground.

I am painfully conscious of the fact that I am almost naked but I ignore that feeling and walk towards the strange man. He stares lustfully at my body especially my breasts.

“Wow…. They said you would be ugly and manly. Hahahahhahahaa, I have never heard anything so wrong.” He smiles boyishly and grins exposing his dimples which makes him look innocent but his eyes, those eyes tell me he is dangerous.

“I am glad that I meet your approval.” I say dryly.

“Aren’t you curious about who I am?” He asks with a disappointed frown and walks closer to me.

I stare at him from top to his toes, I put my arms in a thinking gesture. “The fact that you could go past my guards, soldiers and right to my private chambers…. Misha, is it?”

He grins happily and nods enthusiastically “Yes, it is. I am such a big fan of your work. To be honest I thought you’d be older and less …. Well beautiful… it just … wow… blows my mind away.”

He looks at me again and it feels like I am naked.

“You are obviously not here to kill me… You came alone…” I say it as a statement and not a question.

“Well… if I came with an entourage, slipping in here wouldn’t be as smooth, would it?” He comes closer to me and takes a deep whiff.

He shakes his head as if he can’t believe it. “You smell absolutely amazing too… I have never been envious of anybody but right now, all I want to do is kill Prince Erin and take possession of you but of course… You would kill me before I can even blink so I’ll settle for a kiss.”

I smirk dangerously… “What did you just say?”