Tales of Roelum Episode 72

Episode 72


Misha smirks and brings his face closer to me, I don’t flinch. When he hovers over my lips, he shifts backwards and laughs as if amused by me. I don’t give him the satisfaction of responding to him. I walk away from him instead and he stops.

“You are quite the peculiar woman.” He stops and looks at me seriously.

I attack him immediately which takes him by surprise but he defends and we fight without weapons. He holds my hair and tries to hit my head against a rock, I twist his hand and change places and he hits the rock.

He falls, he is bleeding which makes him laugh again but this time with a little bit of nervousness.

“Thank you.” I say to him and he flinches.

“I wondered what kind of person you were and to be honest… That made me a bit apprehensive. Now, I have an idea, I am not so curious anymore.” I smirk and walk out of the cave.

“Aren’t you going to at least capture me?” I hear his voice fade as I collapse in private. He broke my ankle; I am hopeful that I hid it well from him.

I limp and cover up my body and send for Ladda.

“What happened to you?” Shem followed him.

“Someone hit you? Someone actually hit you?!! Where?!” Shem’s voice rises and I cover his mouth.

“I met Misha, shining personality… I tell you.” I wince as Ladda checks my leg.

“Is it broken?” I ask.

“No, just displaced. Roark can align it with his strength but he is an idiot so he might make it worse.” Ladda brings out a harmless lotion and massages it into my ankle. It burns so bad and I close my eyes.

I feel it when Shem takes over and adjusts my legs, he stops when he hears a crack. I groan in pain and relief at the same time.

“You let him go?” Shem sighs out loud.

“No… I did not let him go. He was able to get to me, in my most vulnerable form despite the hundreds of soldiers here. I am sure he had his own figured out.” I growl at him and he puts his hands up in submission.

“Tell everyone not to drink from the stream… Ladda, check if our water is alright and the food, I refuse to believe he just came here to have a chat with me.” I sent him off.

“What?!” I ask Shem.

“Are you alright? It has been a while you suffered defeat in a hand-to-hand combat.” He says gently.

I scoff and chuckle… “I left him on the floor bleeding. Is this because I beat you at the finals when we were just soldiers? How bad did you feel?”

“That was before I really knew you, of course’; my pride took a hit and I handled it badly but then you beat more people… so it was no longer about me being a loser but you being unbeatable.” He sits beside me.

“I am not invincible; I have never thought that way. This train of thought has killed so many people and has helped me bring down powerful people. The moment you begin to feel that way is when you start to lose. Even if I get defeated today, it would hurt but I would refuse to take it, I’ll keep fighting until I win. When I win, people don’t remember the fails anymore. We attacked the wall of Torres six times before it finally went down, nobody remembers the times we nearly gave up. My secret to being unbeatable is a stubborn streak, I will never stay down unless I’m dead and even still, my spirit might haunt my enemies until we meet in the underworld and we fight again.” I smile at him.

“I know I’m not Akka but you can talk to me too. I might not have infinite wisdom but I can hold myself when drinking.” He assures me.

I grin at him as he leaves.

I close my eyes to rest for a bit when I hear a blast outside the room. I pick my weapons in a flash and hurry towards the sound of the explosion.

“Everything is gone.” Ladda comes out from the smoke.

“Our supplies from food, medicine to water… all gone.” Ladda tells me and I hear the men murmur.

I turn and walk to the highest of the hill where we are and I burn a piece of paper that blows a blue color.

“Is that where Paula is?” I hear Ladda behind me.

“I am not one to waste food, since he has decided to one… he will suffer the consequences. We leave right now.” Ladda nods.

“Why are we going now? We need more time to prepare.” Shem advises me.

“Paula is already there and this moment is what they won’t expect. Shem!!! A man walks through all of you, comes into my private space, and burns our supplies. He also walks out of here with barely a scar, he is not someone you want to play the waiting game with.” I wear my armor.

I divide the men into three, Ladda moves with me while Roark leads a team and Shem leads the other. Luna insists on coming so I make her follow Shem. Our plan is to attack from different directions, my team will launch the sneak attack first and will send a signal to Roark’s team if it goes according to plan. Shem’s team is our last line of defense.

“What about Paula?” Shem asks me.

“I have to hope that she saw the message, it would make this easier.”

“I don’t like being separated from you.” Roark mutters.

“We are not separating; it’s a strategy and it will not be a total loss in case we walk into a trap.” I explain further.

“Which is why you should be the last line and not my men.” Shem tries to convince me.

“Do you think he will let his defenses down if I am not captured, he has his sights set on me and if this plan fails… His defenses won’t be enforced with me in his grasp.” I sigh out loud.

“What if he kills you?” Roark tightens his boot.

“I like to believe that I am not that easy to kill.”

“You said it yourself, you are not invincible.” Shem mutters cheekily.

I change my tone and glare at both of them.

“It is an order! We are not talking about this again.” I mount my horse and lead my men and they disperse.

The camp is quiet, too quiet…. I order my men to stay back while I sneak into the camp to find Paula.

I walk in and discovered that the men were deeply asleep and I have an idea about what must have happened.

I gesture my men to come out of hiding, I see Paula pushing a man of her.

“Not your type, I take it?” I grin at her.

She chuckles “Elena might be crazy but she is resourceful. She saw the message and unleashed Ladda’s drugs here again, I think he might have perfected it.”

Elena pops out from a tent holding different weapons.

“That’s good, you guys should help with the heavy lifting. Turns out this was the scout group; we have to get out of here before the rest of them get here or worse.” My men help her, we move most of the supplies to the horses.

“This is too easy.” Paula comments and I agree with her.

“Do you think the supplies are poisoned or faulty?” Elena asks out loud.

“No, that’s not it. I am missing something.” I think deeply and try to figure out Misha.

“This is such a headache.” Paula groans as the last of their supplies were loaded.

I send Ney and Fran with other soldiers out to a new camp with the looted supplies.

“Do we kill them?” Paula asks about the sleeping soldiers.

“No, the Varcasas might be savages but they hate to owe people. We will leave a mark on their throats so they know that we decided to let them live. Imagine the psychological battle they’ll face when they fight against us. It is enough to bring down their morale and besides, I don’t feel like killing anybody today.” I order.