Tales of Roelum Episode 74

Episode 74
“How did you know?” Paula asks in amazement.
“I guessed; I had no evidence but that subconscious turn in her direction at her on the fields confirmed my theory.” I answer her.
“You killed her but you didn’t kill me when I betrayed you.” Elena murmurs sadly.
“It is different.” Paula explains.
“Is it? How??” Elena eyes shimmers.
“Are you crying? You barely knew her.” Paula looks at her strangely.
“She is not like you Elena, you changed your mind.” I answer.
“If I didn’t, would you have killed me?” Elena shivers.
“Depends…” I answer.
“On what?” she says with barely a whisper.
“Well… if you had run to another city, I would have let you be but if… you were still fighting against me. We can’t have that, can we?” I grin subtly at her and enter my tent. They both rush in after me.
“You could kill me?!” Her voice rises a notch.
“Not now… I have no reason to kill you.” I throw my armor to the side and lie down, she drags me up and I sigh.
“Why are we being dramatic now?” I ask Paula and she shrugs.
“I thought we had a connection.” She whispers.
“We do…” I reply.
“But you can kill me.” She retorts.
“Not without reason.” I admit.
“If I betray you today, will you kill me?”
“Yes.” I say and she scoffs.
“You didn’t even take the time to think about it.” She folds her arms.
“You won’t betray me so I don’t even understand why we are having this conversation.” I run my hand through my hair in frustration.
Paula chuckles and I glare at her.
“I am just happy to be the spectator today.” She grins.
“What if I get tempted to?” She widens her eyes.
“The threats of death should be enough for you to avoid falling into that temptation. What is this even about?” I ask gently this time.
“You did not even hesitate. You just killed her like she was nothing. We ate, slept and drank together. I know that she should not have betrayed you but there were a thousand other things you could have done instead of killing her.” Elena takes a deep breath,
“What I gave her was mercy, it was fast and not painful. What do you think would happen to her if I imprisoned her? The varcasas don’t take kindly to exposed spies, Luna might be a seer but it doesn’t mean she was kind. Just because I sleep and eat with her doesn’t mean I hold her dear to my heart, you are not Luna. I see you; I see your pain; I see your loneliness and your need to belong to something. I see your brilliance and your sass. Unlike her, you have sincere eyes. I won’t kill you as easily if I ever have to but I don’t think you have to worry about that. I genuinely care for you Elena.” I take her in my arms and pat her back as she cries.
Paula shakes her head at me and leaves the tent.
“You do know that Paula is never going to let you forget this.” I say and she chuckles.
“It’s okay, I know her dirty secrets. I can also use that against her.” She murmurs against my chest.
“You are not someone to be trifled with.” I grin and continue pat her as she sleeps.
I adjust her against the blankets and cover her.
“Do you think she lied about you being pregnant?” Paula quietly asks me.
“No, I don’t think she did. She was amused by it.” I answer with a sad smile.
“When did you begin to suspect her?” Paula sits by my side.
“When she got along with Tiana.”
“What…” Paula chuckles.
“Tiana is a big gossip; her favorite topic is me. Neither you nor Elena would be able to stand her constant badmouthing especially when it has to do with me. Luna was too smooth, she blended just about anywhere. I don’t know how she got in contact with Misha or if it was all a coincidence that she followed us. Honestly, I don’t want to know.” I groan.
“Are you okay?” Paula asks.
“I am fine, I feel no morning sickness… Maybe it’s too early to tell.”
“How did you get in touch with Erin?” Paula asks again.
“Emek and Ener. I made a separate plan just in case something went wrong. You are not the only person that can see my flame thrower. I always make different plans for different outcomes. I was sure something was amiss when I saw how easy it was to conquer their camp.” I massage my head.
“Your head must hurt from all that thinking.” Paula takes over and continues to massage my head.
She loses my braids and combs the hair through.
“What if it was me?” Paula asks and I close my eyes trying to control my temper.
“It was you?” I feign ignorance with the hope that she’ll drop the subject.
“You know exactly what I’m asking.” She snickers.
“Even if you pointed a knife at me and stabbed me with it, I’ll never believe that you would betray me so that is not even a question. We have been through a lot together, and if you did betray me; I will know that you have a really good reason.”
“A girl would like to be reassured once in a while.” She comments and I hear a bit of laughter in her voice.
“Really? Would you like me to hold your hands and tell you how much I love you every day?” I tease her in return.
“I think Erin might die of jealousy if you ever tried that.” She retorts.
“Roark will be fine; they wouldn’t dare do anything while their general is here.” I comfort her.
“I know… It’s just, he is not really the brightest of the bunch.”
I laugh at her.
“Are you not going to interrogate Misha?” She asks.
“No, he would enjoy that.” I shake my head.
“I see… He might try to escape.” Paula braids my hair into one.
“Which is why you are on guard duty till it’s over.” I smirk.
“You are no fun.” Paula mutters as she leaves my tent.
I lie beside Elena and close my eyes to get some sleep. I am nervous, I don’t know if Erin made it on time or if Roelum is in dusts, I just keep up a good front. I wonder what Erin is doing at the moment but get distracted when Elena tries to cuddle.
“No… No… Elena. Touch me one more time and you are sleeping outside.” I warn.
She mumbles something and turns her head to the other side.
I shake my head in amusement and sleep.
I am woken by a sudden noise in the camp, I go out to see my husband on his horse.
He comes down and doesn’t take his eyes off me as I run into his arms.
He holds me tight and gives me a deep wonderful kiss, I melt and moan into his mouth, I feel someone playing with my ears.
I open my eyes and see Elena looking at me mischievously “I don’t have to ask if it was a good dream, do !?”