Tales of Roelum Episode 78

Episode 78

Prince Erin

“You can’t leave now, the kingdom just it’s king and Queen. You need to be crowned King for stability.” My father’s most trusted minister tells me while I prepare my soldiers for Roelum’s war.
“Enoch, I have lost my parents… do you think I would be able to sit and take care of a kingdom when my only family is in danger. Follow my orders… keep them in the iciricle until I come back, then they would be buried appropriately and in line with the traditions.” I try to dismiss him.
He is a stubborn old man… which would make sense considering how closely he worked with my father.
“This is beyond risky… It is selfish of you to do this! This Kingdom needs you.” He continues.
“My wife needs me and I am also doing this for the kingdom.” I lace up my boots.
“Enlighten me please.” I hear an irritable tone come from the statement. I pause and look at him more seriously.
“If the Varcasas manage to win Roelum, who do you think they will come after next? The best defense is offense. You taught me that.” I say to him.
“No, I didn’t. It came from Franca… He is the one who says rubbish like that.” He grumbles.
“What are you worried about? Victor will be here with part of the battalion to protect Rale until I am back. I will come back, and soon… I am doing this for myself as much as I am doing it for Rale and Roelum.”
“Do you still plan on going through the unification process?” He asks softly.
“Yes Enoch, I haven’t changed my mind from the last six times you have asked me.” I sigh out loud.
“It won’t be easy…”
“Nothing worth it ever really is… We need to stand together to put forward a strong fort. Rale is protected, I promise.” I take my time to comfort him.
“With you and Victor in charge, what could go wrong? If anyone challenges your authority, feel free to imprison them.” I pick up my bag but Sanda comes and collects it from me.
“You are not coming with me.” I say to her.
“I am…” She insists.
“You haven’t mourned your father; I know you two weren’t the…” I stop Enoch from talking.
“There will be time to mourn, but it is not now. I am leaving my best men behind; I have Queen Nuke and my father’s private army with me. I will be safe and so will Rale.” I walk past him.
“You better come back.” He raises his voice behind me.
“I will…” I nod and move towards the barracks to meet the soldiers.
I only picked warriors who can ride horses, we need to get to the battle front fast. I ignore the anxious feeling I get anytime I think of Salem on the battlefield.
Sanda stands beside me and not budging.
“You need me, I know the queen’s people… They would listen to you if they see me with you. You are leaving your guard here; you need someone with you.” Sanda makes her point.
“Why?” I ask.
“It was Queen Nuke’s last wish; she loved this kingdom for all her faults. She knows you will need us, there are still people who would do their best to ensure that you are dead. If that happens, Rale will collapse. We cannot have that happening, I will save you no matter what even if it is from yourself.” Sanda walks to her horse and stands beside mine.
I shake my head at the entire conversation… I mount and start the journey to Roelum.


We are on opposite sides of the land. Misha stands on a chariot fully armored and waits for me to make the first step.
“What is he doing?” Paula asks through her helmet.
“I don’t care.” The battle ground is tense and filled with suspense. It feels like a heavy calm before the storm.
“What are we waiting for?” Paula asks again.
“Emer’s signal.” I answer her.
“Oh… the lights., you are brilliant Ladda.” Paula says to Ladda who looks like he wants to vomit again.
“This makes no sense, why are you so nervous?” Paula growls in frustration.
“You know how much I hate blood… Just the thought of it.” He doesn’t wear a helmet or armor.
“Exactly why it makes no sense.” Paula grumbles.
“Go ahead, stay with Elena behind the lines and help the men with the cannisters.” I order and he moves immediately thankfully.
I see green smoke from behind the mountains and I sigh in relief.
I notice Misha glares as he raises his arm for an attack. I tighten my hold on my horse as I tell my men to hold. Paula goes into an attack position and I tell her to relax.
Misha is baiting me; he thinks I didn’t see his archers behind the hills.
“Why are we not attacking?” Paula asks through gritted teeth.
“Patience… patience.” I whisper loud enough.
Misha’s men come closer and our ears ring with their screams. Once they reach our lines, I signal for the cannister shots, we close up our helmets to prevent Ladd’s powder from getting to us. The shots from our cannister releases the poison on Varcasas, they fall one by one…. I signal for the first line to attack.
The powder only weakens the men for few minutes, Ladda couldn’t make more and we couldn’t use more dangerous ones as we could end up dying as a result.
The first bout quickly ended, during the fight… Paula had taken some of the soldiers round to attack the archers. We were fewer in numbers compared to the varcasas and that was something I painfully understood.
I took the lead and moved forward headed straight for Misha, the battleground became fiercer. It all became a blur as I let my instinct take over and strike down anyone who attacked me, I had one goal in mind, which was to kill Misha. It would be enough to destabilize their army. I couldn’t hear anything or feel anything, I surged forwards. Misha shoots an arrow towards me; I block it with my sword. The man behind him shoots my horse instead at the same time.
I tumble to the ground and regain my composure almost immediately. I look at my dead horse for a second and whispered a prayer… This was why I never named my horses but somehow, I had taken to calling him glider.
I drag the reins from an attacking horse and slit the throat of the rider. I climb the horse and keep moving forward, an arrow speeds past me and hits a soldier about to attack from behind. I recognize the arrow and know that Paula was successful. I smirk at Misha who looks panicked for the first time since I have met him.
His men attack me without stop, I notice that his men were overpowering us. He gives me an arrogant smirk and joins the fight. Paula joins me on the battlefield.
“Missed me?” Paula removes her helmet.
I remove mine and feel the air on my braids.
“Like I have never missed anyone.” I sneak a look at her, she is covered in blood and for a moment I don’t know if it’s hers or others.
“It is not mine.” She smirks mischievously.
I pick her up and she joins me on the horse, we sit back-to-back fighting.
“We are losing!” Paula screams.
“Just in numbers.” I reply with a laugh.
Someone trips our horses and we fall, like many times before. Our bodies match with the rhythm as we fight and defend. We keep on getting surrounded, I lose my foothold and slip on a chain. Misha has my right leg hooked, he drags me to him and I keep my dagger ready.
“They are here!!!” I hear Paula say.
I get distracted and see Erin riding like a mad man towards me with reinforcements.