Tales of Roelum Episode 79

Episode 79


Misha drags me closer to him until he has me in a lock.

“I see… the prince has come for his princess.” He whispers into my ear.

I force myself to focus.

I hit his nose with the back of my head but he manages to dodge while restraining me.

“How does it feel? To have that kind of devotion. A general that still needs help from her husband, at the end of the day… you are just a woman.” He continues to provoke me.

I stop struggling and manage to look at him. I am distantly aware of the battle around me.

“I am not just a woman, I am proud to be a woman, I am proud of my husband and I am proud of my people.” I whisper back, I manage to hit his nose with my forehead this time and he stumbles.

I take the opportunity to break out of his hold.

“What is it with you and my nose?” He screams at me as he puts his nose back in place with a grunt.

“Oh… I am just jealous… why do you need such a pretty nose? It is just unfair.” I reply sarcastically and mimic a hair flip.

He chuckles and has his sword ready for an attack. He strikes and I block with mine. My sword breaks immediately and he smirks.

I dodge his strikes and manage to trip him. He doesn’t fall like I expect but somehow twist his blade until it’s coming at me. Another blade defends his attack.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your size?” Paula glares at him.

She doesn’t give him time to prepare and goes full mode attack on him, I knew giving her that sword was a good idea… I murmur as I casually use my dagger to block a blade by a varcasas. I kill him and others as they attack me more.

“Stoppp… She is mine.” A man I suspect to be Misha’s right hand man orders.

I raise my brow in mockery.

“Only in your dreams…” I say as he starts to fight me for real. He is fast and strong, stronger than Misha… I understand that he is more than just talk.

I skip and lunge at him. Since I have only my dagger, I ensure to keep the fight at a close range. His eyes widen in surprise when my knife cuts his face.

“An improvement… if you ask me.” I distract him from seeing me adjust my wrist.

“Do you always talk this much?” He asks.

“Only when I am in a good mood.” I respond with a grin.

Paula joins me same time as Misha stands beside the man.

She gives me her sword and picks up another… I notice that her hand is shaking.

“I am fine.” She says with barely a whisper.

“Do you want to exchange dancing partners?” she asks.

“No… Let’s play it by the flip.” Her eyes light as she stands back-to-back with me.

The men look confused but attack immediately, we never let them stand together as we switch our fighting partners… it is a tactic we use mostly in dire situations like how we killed Brahim and his men.

Misha gets flustered and tries to keep up. Paula manages to cut his feet and I finally make a killing strike with her sword. His right-hand man goes down. We attack Misha together but he backs up and more of his men form a circle around him.

“They are like ants; they just keep on coming.” Paula grumbles.

We are mostly on their line and far away from our men. I try to look for Erin but I don’t see him. The numbers are not looking so good from where we are.

“How did we stray so far?…” I mumble.

“You have blood on your face, it is strange fighting by your side without a mask.” Paula comments half-heartedly.

“The blood is not mine and try not to be taken by my beauty… I’m married.” I smile and Paula shivers.

“Attack us and stop being so wary!!!” Paula screams at them and fights… no, she goes on a killing spree.

I keep trying to get close to Misha but they keep coming like ants. I see someone fighting to get to my side… I see his eyes and a sense of satisfaction goes through me as Erin and a strange lady fight through the warriors to get to me. I catch a glimpse of Emer and Enek fighting and sigh in relief. The battle is becoming unpredictable as I see more of my men dominate the ground.

I forget about Misha for a second and fight to reach Erin. We finally get to each other, we don’t say anything at first, we just look at each other. He goes to remove his helmet.

“No… If you do that, I might not be able to control myself.” I feel so much that I don’t know what to do with them.

“You look as beautiful as I imagined.” He says with a deep voice.

The lady beside him looks at him as if he is deranged and it makes me laugh.

“No one told me there was a reunion happening.” I look back to see Akka and Aster making their way to us.

“I gave you an order!!!” I screamed at him.

“It is good to see you too.” He shouts back and I growl in frustration.

We fight together while I keep trying to look for Misha. An arrow flies in my direction and I am too slow to react, the arrow reaches me and breaks when it gets in contact with my armor. I grunt in pain and lower my body as more arrows fly in my direction. I catch a glimpse of Erin riding in that direction, an arrow hits his horse and he falls. He is too far from me; another arrow goes for him and I run but I don’t get there in time. Akka throws himself at Erin and gets hit by the arrow.

Paula and I scream at the same time, I pick up a spear and throw as hard as I can at the man with the arrows, it hits him clean in the chest. I pick Akka and he coughs out blood.

Aster comes and picks him up…

“Paula defends them until they are both safe. It includes you…” I order.

“I don’t want to leave you.” She refuses.

“I will go with them.” The lady riding with Erin volunteers which makes Erin chuckle.

I nod and focus on finding Misha. The battle is mostly filled with dead and injured men.

We keep fighting and dominating for hours, I can’t find Misha as the battle draws to an end with most of the varcasas surrender especially without their General in sight.

“Is it over?” Erin removes his helmet and grins at me.

My stomach goes into chaos and I can’t tell if it’s because I’m pregnant or just in love. Shem and Roark fill the ground with their men. They drag someone with them, the closer they get… the clearer the image.

“We brought you a gift.” Shem says to me.

“You are good, I’ll give you that. I didn’t think you were a coward though.” I say to Misha who appears tired.

“I will give you a chance, go… tell your King to surrender to Roelum in two days or we attack his city and do exactly what you planned to do with mine.” I say to him.

“Why don’t you kill me instead?” He staggers and pretends to fall while he lunges at me.

I catch his hand and twist it; I kick him his knees.

“With pleasure.” I say and break his neck.

“I thought you wanted him to live.” Erin comments.

“I changed my mind.”

“Send the surrendered men back to Varcasa with a demand for an apology and a surrender from their King. If they don’t become a vassal of Roelum, we will burn their city to the ground.” I order Ladda but loud enough for their men to hear.

We allow them carry their dead while we catered to ours and the wounded. We might have won the battle but we both lost a lot today. Erin holds my hand tight. “Don’t worry, it is a new beginning.”