Tales of Roelum Episode 9

Episode 9


I don’t know what I took or why I thought it was a good idea for me to tell him the truth, all I know is the fact that I do not want to start this marriage with a lie. I watch as his expressions go from shock, to disbelief then complete ridiculousness in what I just said, I get it; men and their ego, there’s no way he’d believe a woman like me could be the general that is generally feared.

“Do I look like some kind of joke to you?” He asks me as he draws closer to me.

“Is that an honest question or one of those that require no answer, which is it?” I shrug nonchalantly.

He scoffs and bangs the dresser “There has to be a limit to your jokes, I didn’t ask for this, I am not your toy for your amusement. You, Yoooou, How dare you?! What kind of sick game are you playing? What do you hope to achieve from this?” He charges at me.

I sigh “No games, I was advised to keep this to myself for as long as I can but I know like everything else, secrets have a way of unveiling themselves. I can see why you would find this unbelievable, but I have nothing to gain from this.”

He laughs “okay, so tell me dear wife, why are you telling this? You want completely repulse me? Do you have a lover you hope to get back to? Or make me so angry that I divorce you and it would be my fault we are at war again? Just tell me, I want to know.”

I roll my eyes, I tighten my robes, I turn and let my back show, he gasps. “I was stabbed by your father once, the one to the far left, that’s when I gave him that slash to his brow, That arrow gash to the left was given by your dear brother, he had the chance to kill me, but he discovered that I was a woman, I can tell you this, as charming as he was, he was as callous as anyone could ever be. He and his private army ambushed me and my guards, they killed them, lucky for me Paula wasn’t there, he had me whipped, you know your brother and his pride. How it must have looked to see a young girl best him at swords, well he had plans for me, I can assure you. They weren’t beautiful. I have killed a lot of men, I have regretted some but your brother Brahim, is one I don’t.”

“Shut up!!!! It is one thing for you to lie and it is another for you to badmouth my brother, he was a good and noble man and if indeed you are who you say you are, then you are in for a treat.” He holds my neck as if to strangle him, I let him because he hasn’t squeezed yet.

“Your brother has a birthmark, a little bit below his thighs, it looks like a little tree” I see his eyes change in acknowledgement of the fact that I might be right.

“Why would I see your brother’s thighs if he wasn’t naked Erin, he was going to rape me first then let his men have their turn, it didn’t matter that I didn’t have weapons, and he was going to enjoy it. I saw the way you looked at me when I wore the mask at the treaty. You were dying to get your hands on my throat, kind of like this.”

He comprehends and remembers, his hands shake as he looks at me with a cold stare, and a resigned look.

“Why would you tell me this? Do you get some sick pleasure out of this?” He asks as he lets go of my neck.

I touch his face and make him look at me. “In Roelum, when a woman marries, she becomes a part of that family, her husband becomes her family. Believe me or not, I just didn’t want to start this with a lie, if we are going to be together, you needed to know the truth, I might pay with my life but I won’t go down fighting. My survival is all I have ever known, I want to really live, if I hid this from you, I’d never know peace.” I calmly say to him, free of sarcasm and I let my sincerity show.

He pushes me away from him. “I don’t believe you about my brother, I don’t know you. I will find the truth about what you have just said, if there is any atom of truth in what you just said, the gods won’t be able to save you from my wrath.”

“You know I’m telling the truth, I can see it in your eyes, suit yourself and I have never depended on the gods for my life.” I pull my robes tight and try to move across him to the room.

He pulls me back and whispers to me.”Do not say a word about this to anyone, I will decide what to do with you, no one else but me.”

I grin and look at him “You are not like your brother, you are a better person although you don’t have a poker face and you are hot tempered which makes you a terrible soldier. I have a feeling you don’t take orders well, I am good at taking orders, it is how I’ve lived all my life but it hasn’t benefited me in any way, so I don’t take orders anymore but I’ll take what you just said into consideration, I pretty much like my head on my neck.”

He looks at me like I’m crazy and tries to walk out of the room.

“Don’t, I’ll sleep here, you can have the room, if you go out now, you’ll leave a lot of tongues wagging. I know I just dropped a bomb on you, that’s why I am giving the bed to you.”

“You are giving the bed to me? Woman!!! Do you have a death wish? I take what I want.” He charges past me into the room.

I chuckle, and I think to myself that he’s cute and way too easy. I don’t know how tomorrow may turn out but I am too tired to think about it. He comes in and throws the beddings and blanket at my feet. I smirk, I don’t understand why every action of his amuse me.

Prince Erin

Everything Salem told me goes through my mind over and over again. How can
She be the person made of nightmares, I have never had the chance to meet her in battle, my father believes I’m too hot tempered to be at the fore front so I had to always stay by the sidelines. She has no reason to lie, she knows that she could die, how can she agree to this marriage? It’s like signing her death sentence. Why am I thinking about the scars on her back,I am suspicious that there are more on her body, I remember her body and I groan. There are just too many things I’m feeling right now, I sort them out. Of course I am attracted to her, she is a beautiful woman, yes I hate her, she killed my brother and single handedly wiped my brother’s private army. Wait, that doesn’t add up, she couldn’t have done that alone If she was in captivity. Is my brother capable of torturing a woman ? These questions go through my mind and I hear a sneeze from the bathroom.

I walk towards her and see her wrapped and sleeping quite soundly, I didn’t know when I carried her to the bed and cover her, I look at her and I want to know all about her, I want to know what her lips taste like, I want to feel her skin on mine, I put my face close to hers, for whatever reason, then she opens her eyes and I remember those eyes.

Through the mask, they look dead, but without it, she looks so lonely and lost, it makes my heart ache. I control myself and lie at the other side.

“I’m sorry, I am not what you wanted, but you are better than what I expected. I’ll understand whatever decision you take, stop thinking so hard and try to get some sleep, you will need your strength tomorrow if you wish to kill me. I’ve heard that I’m hard to kill.” She says to me so gently that I softly smile and drift into sleep.


I wake to the beating drums, I open my eyes and see Erin talking to the soldiers about me, I presume.

“Take her away when she’s ready” he says and leaves the room.