It’s another Christmas!!! Okay, the year might not have gone how I planned or I didn’t achieve the things I set out to accomplish this year for a number of reasons.

This year was packed with a lot of unexpected challenges, the world wide phenomenon and personal road blocks. Covid 19 is a major ball buster yeahh but this makes it all this worth more because I am here and you are.

To live everyday is the challenge, death is easy. I’m alive, you are too. We are breathing, we can feel the cold, we can touch the rain and we can eat the chicken. This is something we should never ever take for granted.

I have been a little hard on myself, blaming myself for my weaknesses and my shortcomings. I put myself on a time table that I have no control over.

It would be fun though to have control over the future and the ability to change the past, but we are just people.

People trying to do the best with what we are given. Don’t pressure yourself and give yourself a timeline you have no control over. What is the point? Give yourself some leeway.

One day at a time, enjoy the blessings for the day, don’t be so focused on building your future that you forget to live and enjoy the present.

Look around you, the people you love, the place you are might not be where you want to be but you are here which means there’s hope to be something better, greater.

The beauty of Christmas is more than just the delicacies, it’s in the family reunion, the joy of spending it with the people who care about you, it’s Jesus’ birthday but we get to celebrate that with him.

Let’s look at the cup half full. Pessimism will not take us anywhere except draw our spirits down. Cheer up, sulking won’t bring the results so let’s be merry.

Take Joy in whatever you can, live with no regrets, learn from your past, look forward to tomorrow and cherish the people who love you. Merry Christmas!!!!