The Country of my dreams

The Country of my dreams 2


I want to have my future secure,
I want to have the freedom to dream big,
I want to be able to walk, talk and smile freely;
I want to be able to feel safe,
I want to be able to wear whatever hair style I want without my life being threatened.
I want a government that gives a damn about my life and the people around me.
I want to be able to boast in confidence that I’m a Nigerian.
I want to be able to say that the press is independent.
I want to be a Nigerian without the threat of SARS breathing down my neck.
I am proud that my generation isn’t just going to sit and take it like the previous one.
I’m glad that we are getting to the point that enough is enough.
I’m happy that we can join hands and stand for what is right.
This is not just for us but also for the future generation.
I hope the fight to #endSARS is a beginning of better things to come.

These things I’ve mentioned above seem like a simple enough thing to achieve right?? There’s no wish for better infrastructures or a 24 hour light request or better road facilities and regulation, regular water supply or even dredging our rivers to reduce the effect of flood like how Lokoja residents are going through with the government hands folded. What does this tell you? We don’t even have high expectations from our so called leaders.

We are so used to being opressed that the bare minimum done by any government seem like the best thing, there are so many things wrong with Nigeria as a nation. It is safe to say that the giant of Africa name is just a tag and it holds no power or meaning.

The police is supposed to keep us safe, SARS is a branch of the police that’s supposed to fight against armed robbery attacks and other criminal activities. It is no secret that this job description is just basically a mockery to what SARS does, we have heard so many stories, we have experienced many unfair practices of these people. A lot of innocent people are rotting in jail simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or just happened to be on an “immoral” hairstyle, or the yahoo boy tag; as long as you have a laptop, well dressed and appearance to be successful, the stereotype name is “Yahoo boy”. I mean how small minded do you have to be to come to that kind of conclusion based on what I wear or the car I drive.

This movement is more than the injustice, it’s an historic one where Nigerians have come together to end a menace, it’s no news that if you have money and connections you are practically untouchable in this country. It is sickening that the law only applies to the powerless. You hear stories of blackmail, or threats to end lives, lives have been lost for months reason simply because some group of people empowered with a gun can decide to end your life just because you are wearing the wrong shade of red.

You think this doesn’t affect you because you are seated in the high places, you think this isn’t your fight? There’s something called a chain reaction, it might not be you today, it might be someone you love tomorrow. This is our fight, if nothing changes Buhari might outlive you.

Change begins with you, Nigeria is ours no matter how broken the country is, no action is too small, do what you can with what you have, together we can have the Nigeria of our dreams.