The good, bad and ugly

The Good, bad and the Ugly

Ali watched Mabel and wondered what he had done to deserve her, she was beautiful, tall, slim and absolutely brilliant. He had it all planned out; the restaurant, food, wine and even her favorite flowers. Ali was determined to make this evening the most romantic event Mabel had ever experienced. Mabel drank from a bottle of water as she discovered that Ali was looking at her.

“Take a picture, it lasts longer.” She smirked.

“Already done, yet I can’t take my eyes off you.” Ali winked at her.

“Sweet… sweet words. You are such a player.” She sat on his legs.

“Only a player for you, my love.” Ali held her close.

“So, what is it? You look nervous.” Mabel raised her brows.

“Did you forget what today was?” Ali scoffed.

“Your birthday?” She asked carefully and Ali groaned out loud.

“My birthday?” She continued.

“Tell me you are kidding right now.” Ali lifted her off his legs and wandered around the room which made Mabel a little bit nervous.

“Our anniversary? It is our anniversary, isn’t it?!” Mabel exclaimed excitedly.

“I don’t know if I am supposed to be surprised or impressed. It is bad enough you don’t know my birthday, but you don’t know your birthday? How can you not know our anniversary?” Ali rolled his eyes at her.

“I don’t know… I panicked. What is today?” She asked curiously.

Ali paused and his face broke into a wide smile.

“Nothing… It is just a regular old Saturday.” He laughed at her stricken face and ran as Mabel pursued him.

“How do I keep falling for your silly tricks?!” Ali stopped running and hugged her as he kissed her slowly.

“You make it so easy.” He whispered to her.

“Common, I have the perfect date all planned out. Wear that dress.” Ali wiggled his brows at her.

“The dress?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, the dress.” Ali waited as she changed.

Mabel came out of the room, Ali looked at her in shock.

“This is not the dress.” Ali commented.

“Aren’t you a genius?” Mabel answered with a sharp tone.

Ali had no idea what had happened to change her mood, he figured that he shouldn’t push it regardless.

“You look beautiful anyway.” He held her hand and led her to the car,

They drove to a five-star restaurant in silence. Ali had reserved a space at the rooftop with the view of the moon, he made sure that it was just the both of them.

He left her alone as he went to get the bouquet of flowers. Ali watched her enjoy the moonlight and he felt proud of himself. He handed her the flowers with a shy smile as he sat down.

“You love it?” He asked.

“You or the flowers?” Mabel asked with a smirk.

Ali blushed as desert was served. Other people preferred desert after eating but not his Mabel. She stared at the chocolate pudding and stirred with her spoon as she murmured something.

“What?” Ali asked her.

“I said who is Joy?”

“What?” Ali’s eyes widened.

“Is the language the problem or your hearing abilities?” Mabel calmly responded.

“The Joy part, who is Joy?” Ali reclined into his seat.

Mabel chuckled loudly.

“Are you kidding me?” she screamed.

Ali silently accepted whatever was about to happen.

“Babe… relax.” Ali said to her calmly.

“Did you just ask me to relax?” Mabel stood and held the flowers in her hand.

“N.. O I would be crazy to say that and I am not crazy…” Ali stuttered and backed away while Mabel walked closer to him.

“Did you just call me crazy?” Mabel scoffed out loud.

“Noooo…” Mabel started hitting him with the flowers while Ali took her beating in silence as Mabel bawled.

She sat on the floor afterwards with the flowers scattered everywhere.

“I don’t even like roses, why would you buy me roses when I don’t like roses. I like lilies and I hate chocolate. Joy likes these things, not me. I am Mabel!!! Ali… My name is Mabel.” She said quietly but loud enough for Ali to hear.

“You know about Joy?” Ali sighed as he seats on the ground beside her.

“Since when have you known?” Ali asked.

“A while.” Ali hugged her close.

“I am crazy.” Mabel said to him as she held him close.

“No, you just have dissociative personality disorder and that’s alright.” He comforted her.

“It is not okay… Look at what I just did to you. What happens the next time I lose control?” Mabel cried harder on his chest.

“You know about Joy now, that is a step closer and you have come a long way. Trust me.” Ali patted her back as she sobbed.

“Who do you like better… Joy or me?” She asked with a frown.

Ali paused.

“Its okay, you don’t have to answer. She is still me in a way.” Mabel conceded.

“I love you… all parts of you. The good, the bad and the ugly.” Ali chuckled.

“Am I ugly?” Mabel asked with a jolt.

“Good lord… No! It is an expression.” Ali explained.

“I know I am good, and Joy is bad. Is there another person??? Is she ugly? Don’t you dare lie to me!” Mabel growled at him.

Ali chuckled out loud. “You are very cute.”

“How can you call me cute after all this?” She picked the flowers off his body.

“I have peculiar taste.” Ali kissed her on the forehead.

“Or you are just crazy.” Mabel laughed.

“Just crazy in love with you.” Ali kissed her lightly on the lips.

Ali settled the bill and drove her back home with her sleeping.

“I wonder what she’ll do when she finds out about Vivian.” Ali whispered out loud.