The Witch

Movie Review: The Witch Part 1; The Subversion

Spoiler Alert!!!

When she was young, Ja-yoon escaped from a government facility, but lost all her memory. 10 years later, when she appears on a nationally televised competition to win money for her family, her life is turned upside down by faces from her past.
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This movie took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, the plot twists, the characters and the action choreography was a major turn on for me. Kim Dami’s acting no way showed a rookie’s ability, she slayed the role; Choi Woo Shik as a bad guy was something I didn’t know I needed. At first I really thought the protagonist was a helpless young innocent weak girl who was being controlled by circumstances, boy!!!! Was I wrong?!! Yes, yes I was wrong.

To see that every step that the Antagonists thought they were in control was just her looking for revenge and getting access to the serum that will save her life. The switch from helpless to powerful was effortlessly done. It made me speechless, I had to rewind and watch again, at first I felt betrayed, then awed, if it was a stage drama, I assure you I would have applauded and fill the hall with screams.

The bad guys, the good guys at some point became a grey area; The protagonist turned out to be not so good, she didn’t even think twice before blowing someone’s head off. She knew what she wanted and she went for it, she was grateful to her foster parents enough to save their lives and her closest friend, what would we do without our amazing supporting characters.

The powers and the bloody scenes showed such a visual superiority, a confident Doctor Baek who was so sure and certain she had Ja-yoon by the hook had a surprise to see that she was the one being played, the facial expressions and the fear in her eyes when it showed that she had been outplayed was just genius. Ja-yoon’s scream of pain and its turn to laughter gave me chills, It was epic, she deserved every award she got for the movie.

The Witch is a movie I can definitely watch over and over again, and I highly recommend it. If there’s any movie you’d like me to do a review of, Let me know in the comments.