The year 2022!!!


Many things come with the new year especially the never-ending long days of January. We make so many resolutions and life-changing decisions with a determination that might just last as long as Jan 25. It is not easy to break habits or cultivate new ones. People generally think that anything is possible just by sheer will. It will take more than just resolutions to make a change. In earnest, Jan 1 is just another day with a different date but to many people, it is an opportunity to make healthy choices and work with them.

Big drastic changes tend not to last but the small intentional change in habit, style, belief, and anything you want to implement in the new year. We are as different as we can be from each other and so this means we have a different belief system, sense of style, healthy habits, triggers, love language, and more. One of the biggest trends or movements in the year 2021 was self-love. People tend to think that this means the same as narcissism.

Well… I genuinely think they are two different things. Sometimes we give our everything to people who end up treating us like dust. We were made from dust soooo… maybe not the best analogy, I am trying to say that if we love ourselves, we would respect ourselves and in turn, we won’t allow anyone to disrespect us.

If we want to be resolute in any decision, we have to learn to be accountable and disciplined. Change is never easy and the war against self is one of the most difficult things to go through. I have been telling myself that I would like to lose some weight for the past three years… Thing issssss… I like food, I don’t like stress and I certainly don’t like to run when nobody is pursuing me. Guess what? I haven’t gotten to my goal weight yet… Not a surprise, right?!… I need more than just a moment of determination to be able to do something about my weight. I want the rewards and not the sacrifice it would take.

The same analogy goes for everything you want to achieve. Sometimes, working hard is different from working smart. Both are efforts made to achieve a particular goal. Point is, if you want a different result, you have to make efforts or try a different way to achieve a desire especially if you have tried a particular way several times. Don’t be like me, I tried speaking to the fat and doing positive acclamations that I was slim… hehehhehe. Well, I wasn’t even consistent with that… I am just not a serious person. Don’t be like me.

I had gone through a process of self-doubt for a long time, I am better than where I used to be… Sometimes, self-doubt still rears his head. I still wonder if there’s an end to struggling or problems but I have concluded that there will always be something. Always… You just have to be stronger than your problems, insecurities, fear, and failures.

Life itself is a series of ups and downs. You will disappoint yourself sometimes, people will disappoint you other times. People will surprise you positively and other times you will surprise yourself by exceeding your limits. Life isn’t fair just as all hands are not equal, comparing yourself with anyone else is a big mistake most people make. We are on different paths and have different lives, Life is not like a race track where one person emerges winner. Life is completely different for each person so the comparison doesn’t work and is not a measuring tool to determine your usefulness and importance.

I think the best feature in humans is the ability to expand, learn and unlearn. The capability of the mind, body, and soul should not be underestimated. Not to sound like a broken record but in the end… Your limitation is dependent on your mind. This year… Just do your best, get closer to God and leave the rest to him. It is more than okay if you just try and keep trying. Consistency is a key… No matter how strong a palm tree is, if you keep cutting… one day, it’ll fall. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t compare yourself with others, don’t judge others and most of all compete against yourself. Have a wholesome 2022!!!