• Together
    Mabel liked to dance in the rain,
    Abel hated to get wet;
    Twins they are, opposites they were;
    Inseparable as twins can be;
    And different as two people.
    Tall and fair;
    They both had their flair.

    Mabel liked to scream;
    Abel liked his silence,
    Forced together by blood;
    Closer and closer,
    They crossed the line from Love to hate.
    Mabel let go of Abel,
    Abel held on to Mabel;
    Together we came, together we stay, together we leave.
    In pain or in ache,
    In bliss or in peace;
    Abel was determined to stay.

    Mabel struggled and fought for her line;
    Never Abel’s shadow again,
    Too late, Abel said,
    You should have thought about that before gouging my eyes out and leaving me to die in the rain.
    Mabel screamed as Abel dragged her away.
    Down to hell’s path, we both would stay;
    Together, we will remain.