True Worth

True Worth

I feel frozen in space and time;

I watch everyone move but I’m stuck,

Swept up by the tides,

And envious of the stars that align.

Lost and without a course;

This feeling might not last,

But right now, I just want to curl up and cry.


Nothing makes sense,

It feels like I’m drowning in my fears and tears;

Not a moment’s rest,

Each day comes with a bone chilling fear;

My heart skips again,

Anxious and choked by my fails and wails.

Wondering why the sun never seems to shine when I dwell.


Tied up by the devil’s wiles,

Swept up in the serpent’s lies;

Forgotten my history and filled with doubts;

This is not the time,

My faith just got a boost;

I can’t fall again and put myself in shame.

These games he plays,

Enough!!! I say…


Being Human is such long hall;

Each day comes with its own force,

Will I rise or will I fall?

There’s no other choice,

The false king is always ready to slay;

Especially when you think you can win the day.

So no more.


I might not have the strength for today,

I may have lost the spark in present time;

But it has never been by my power,

So why do I even bother to try?

When there is someone who is greater than it all;

He knows my fears, tears and weakest traits,

All I have to do is lean on his words;

And let go of my hold on life’s Shades,

With him, I know;

One day, I’ll find my true worth.

And it will be worth all the pain.