Zombie Detective

Zombie Detective
Spoiler Alert

“A zombie in his second year of resurrection, becomes a detective to search for the truth about his past.”- Wikipedia

This is one of my favorite dramas this year, It is unique, ridiculous and absolutely refreshing. The name itself is hilarious, think about it Zombies are not known for their excellent thinking capabilities but for their obsession with brains and weird walking. I admit zombies terrify me but after watching this drama, I can say that my fear has reduced, although I doubt that I’d be making friends with zombies any time soon or ever.

The scenes are hilarious and each episode consistent with its comical nature, the beauty of the drama is in its ridiculousness and absurd imagination of the writer in the drama and the writer of the drama. It was short, simple and neat which a lot of dramas this year fail to achieve.

Kdramas have not really cultivated the art of SciFi dramas, it usually starts well and ends up somewhere in the ditch or people end up with more questions than answers. Zombie detective makes you laugh, frown and has a hint of sadness in it but ends up in a way that has closure even with hopes for another season.

The casts and characters were fun, the storyline light and not overly complicated which emphasises my point that a drama doesn’t need to be complex to be classified interesting plus a hot, sexy zombie is not something I thought I’d ever say. A zombie with emotions is definitely a certiable laugh fest.

Closure for any drama is as important as the beginning because then only the journey can be worth it. Zombie Detective is definitely something I would refer to people who enjoy humour and science fiction.